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We are looking for a tech and digital strategy for The Icehouse*

*Over the years we have had differing quality of effort on our tech and digital strategies both in terms of our commitment and also our partnering - we can share that with the preferred person as part of the scoping. Click here to check out some of our back office digital uses.

As our partner, in developing a tech and digital strategy you will possess:

  • High energy, proactive, problem solver.
  • The desire to be really involved with the cause of Icehouse to unleash the potential of Kiwi businesses – whether that is an SME, a startup or investor and the corresponding passion and drive to make this digital ecosystem the best it can be.
  • Background in product ownership, experience running agile methodology building high quality digital products and
  • Track record of developing tech and digital strategies for businesses while also being involved in implementing.
  • Ability to quickly evaluate and integrate best of breed tools already on offer in the market.
  • Empathy and a strong ability to identify each customer (user) type and understand their needs.
  • Great understanding of development languages and frameworks. While you don't need to be a developer you should be able to speak to different languages and use cases for each i.e. you can be technical without being a hands-on engineer.
  • Strong understanding of strategic design, experience working with / overseeing strategic designers for large technology builds.
  • Strong understanding of UX and UI principles.

As our partner, in developing the tech and digital strategy you are unlikely to be a firm or agency, as we believe having an individual working with us, in-house on this project is a key part of success.

How will you do this?

  • Meet the team (staff, board) and wider stakeholders to get to understand the customers, the market and the This will include defining all the roles of our users (e.g. owners, leaders, founders, team members, staff, investors of differing types, coaches, facilitators, advisors etc) and define the list of functions each needs to be able to perform.
  • Collaboratively work with the Ventures, Growth & Operations teams to understand their business strategies & priorities, the consequent needs from a technology and digital perspective.
  • Form a view on how the tech and digital needs sit and weave together in the context of customer focus and being one business and single sign on experience.
  • Bring it all together to get alignment, deal with sacred cows, share with the stakeholders and get commitment to executing.
  • Establish a future proofed platform that can grow and morph over time, with bolt-ons etc.

What are the principals the project would operate under?

  • Focus on the needs of our customers, be market and need informed, not a control thesis from the core out. Having said that, we are looking for a single customer view across the business – so innovate at the edges but enable it to be meshed in the house.
  • Establish quickly an hypothesis of current state, what great could look like and what we will do to get quick wins while more details are worked through.
  • Crucial for this to be successful is that not only are existing software solutions used where possible (via APIs) but also so we are not rebuilding functionality that already exists; also that we use templated UI and front end components and a strong design to dev-ops workflow. For example using something like this with pre-built react components:  with a Figma > Zeplin > Storybook - design to development workflow will likely save us a bunch of money and engineering time + give us a more stable and scalable solution. Or tools like this.

What is the selection process?

Please send a note to Andy Hamilton – with your profile and why you think you match what we are looking for and we will review and get back to you. If you have questions for clarification, just ask. We will select the person to take this forward which involves a board and technology advisory group that is made up of two board members and an external advisor.

What will be next steps if I am selected for this project?

The initial engagement will be a contract for up to three months to scope the how, when and with who. At the end of this period, we will jointly review to renew for a further period of three months and/or to shift into a permanent or part-time contractor relatio

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