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New Zealand

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Role: Chemical & Process Engineer (Full Time)

Company: CarbonScape Ltd.,

Location:  Marlborough, New Zealand

Reporting Manager:  Oliver Foster, CEO 

1.     The Company

 CarbonScape is an exciting company that has developed a globally patented microwave technology that converts saw dust, forestry waste, and other carbonaceous waste streams into high value carbon products such as graphite, activated carbon, biochar and green coke. See  

2.     The Job

CarbonScape is looking for an energetic, creative Chemical & Process Engineer to join our small and talented team. The applicant will share responsibility for industrial process design, optimization, operation and necessary certification to help CarbonScape fast-track the implementation of its first pilot plant in 2018 (nameplate capacity of up to 450 tonnes per annum).

 The appointee will also play a major role in designing, optimizing and scaling up CarbonScape’s processes so that the company can design and build its first commercial plant in 2018/19 as part of a strategy to develop a brand new sustainable graphite export industry in New Zealand.

 The successful candidate will also improve CarbonScape’s processes to enhance continuous production efficiency, reduce costs, reduce waste streams, improve sustainability and maximize profitability.

3.     Education and Experience

 Applicants for this role are expected to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical & Process Engineering, and a minimum of 5 years professional engineering experience. Chartered Professional Engineer and an accredited HAZOP facilitator status would be preferred.

 Experience in biomass materials handling and processing as well as an understanding of biomass conversion reaction mechanisms and catalysis would be ideal.

 The successful candidate will have:

- A proven track record of sound judgement, reliability, positive attitude, sense of humour and ability to work harmoniously within a team environment.

- Proven work experience as well as excellent and practical technical skills in process engineering, system modelling and process simulations.

- Significant theoretical and practical chemistry experience.

- Ability to consistently deliver high quality, accurate and timely work.

- CAD or AutoCad skills.

- Knowledge of process engineering and modelling software packages.

- Knowledge of process related standards.

- Knowledge of quality management systems and principles.

- Excellent process data interpretation and analysis skills.

- Troubleshooting, problem solving and creative thinking skills.

- A sound knowledge of applicable local and international standards, statutory and regulatory requirements including of health and safety regulations in a heavy industrial environment.

- Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills.

- Ability to build and maintain strong working relationships with all stakeholders, including staff, advisors, scientific partners, external clients and suppliers.

- Ability to locate to Marlborough, New Zealand.

- Eligibility to lawfully work in New Zealand.  

 4.     Duties and Responsibilities 

Duties and responsibilities of the role include:

- Work within a multi-disciplinary team environment with other engineers, designers and scientists. 

- Designing, developing, testing, evaluating and optimizing CarbonScape’s engineering systems and processes from concept development, specification, pilot-scale production, through to commercial scale-up and certification.

- Developing innovative solutions to optimize materials handling, improve production rates, enhance quality of output and minimize waste streams.

- Preparing various engineering deliverables (Drawings & Documents) e.g. Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) and Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), Process Datasheets, Equipment Specifications, Cause & Effect Diagrams, control philosophies, shutdown philosophies, HAZOP Studies and reports, Operation & maintenance manuals etc.,

- Developing mass balances, water balances and steam/energy balances.

- Performing process simulations and design calculations, interpreting data and writing reports.

- Developing process documentation and operating instructions.

- Identifying gaps in and contributing to the ongoing improvement of the process design tools set.

- Preparing and managing process design and development budgets.

- Providing assistance and advice during procurement, construction and commissioning activities e.g. writing requisitions, conducting technical bid evaluations and writing purchase orders. 

- Carrying out systematic investigations, identifying process improvements, issues and problems, developing and delivering appropriate solutions, and asking for assistance when required.

- Ensuring the project scope is clear and any changes comply with CarbonScape’s project management processes.

- Ensuring that all work is completed as per agreed specifications, including relevant safety, statutory and regulatory requirements, on time and within budget.

 To apply for this position please contact Oliver Foster, CEO, CarbonScape on email