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New Zealand

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Currently seeking an: Interior Design Revit Technician


About us公司简介

hcreates is an interior design and consulting studio based in Shanghai, designing projects across China and increasingly across Asia.  hcreates works with like-minded clients to achieve spaces that are designed to enhance one's environment, and leave people feeling stimulated and inspired. Well known in Shanghai for creating contemporary restaurant and bars, hcreates continues to develop a significant portfolio of office and health and wellness spaces too.

With heaps of great projects completed and residing in a city that never sleeps, there are endless design opportunities.





About you职位描述

This position is filled with opportunities to work on exciting restaurant and bar projects, creative offices spaces and gym and wellness centres. Examples of previous works can be found on our website www.hcreates.design. We foster a culture of collaboration; this Revit guru will work hand-in-hand with our design team to bring ideas to life. With an eye for detail and strong technical abilities you will enjoy helping to solve problems to produce great work.

本职位将为你提供大量机会参与到精彩的餐厅酒吧设计,创意办公室设计及健身保健中心设计项目。如希望了解本公司成功案例请访问本公司网站www.hcreates.design. 本公司奉行合作精神,本Revit软件绘图专家将跟我们的设计团队密切合作,将设计理念变为现实。本职位需要申请人有深入细节的耐心并伴随雄厚的软件技术实力。


Duties will include:

·          Accurately develops Autodesk Revit model views and sheet layouts for interior construction drawings including: elevations and sections, floor and ceiling finishes, electrical, lighting, cabinetry and other interior details, while applying hcreates documents/presentation standards and procedures to the project

·          Determines and selects required procedures and methods including presentation formats, use of correct families, and management of relative scales

·          Prepares finished drawings in Revit, from design directors sketches and instructions

·          Prepares conceptual interior modelling in Sketch-up, from design directors sketches and instructions.

·          Assists the design team with client requests for PDF’s and CAD files

·          Preparation of complete materials, lighting and fixtures schedules

·          May perform other tasks such as duplication, reproduction, and filing

·          Translation of drawing documentation from English to Chinese

·          Help designers with on-site translation from contractors and consultants when needed.

·          Provide ongoing support to the design team with Revit queries and stay informed an update to date with the latest Revit releases.


·          精准的运用Autodesk Revit软件完成各种装潢设计布局图和施工图包含:平面图和立面图,地面和天花板装饰图,电线/灯具/橱柜分布设计及其他相关设计图。遵守公司的文件报告标准和项目流程要求。

·          确认及选择符合项目要求的流程和方式包含设计报告文本,使用语种及相关测量基准

·          从设计总监草图和说明中准备装饰设计图

·          从设计总监草图和说明中准备室内Sketch-up室内装饰概念建模

·          辅助设计团队准备客户所需的PDF及CAD文件

·          准备完整的装潢材料,灯具和固定装置家具的时间表

·          可能不时需要完成其他包含复印,重制和归档等其他工作

·          翻译英文设计文件成中文

·          根据需要,帮助设计师在施工现场与施工公司和其他施工顾问口译沟通

·          对设计团队提供持续的Revit方面的帮助及支持并需随时了解Revit最新的更新

Experience required:

·          Working experience in a Sketch up and Revit centric role.

·          Knowledge of Auto CAD and Adobe Creative Suite

·          Degree in Computer Aided Drafting/Design or a degree in a closely related discipline

·          High level of proficiency with in Revit attained through relevant work experience.

·          Ability to work independently as required

·          Ability to work on multiple projects at once within a small team

·          Excellent communication skills, fluent in Chinese with a high standard of both written and spoken English is essential


·          有运用绘制草图Sketch up和Revit设计软件的过往工作经验

·          可以熟练运用Auto CAD和Adobe Creative Suite软件

·          电脑绘图/设计或其他相关专业本科学历

·           在过往工作经验中可以熟练运用Revit软件绘图

·          需要申请人工作独立性强

·          需要可以与其小团队同时完成不同设计项目的工作能力

·          卓越的沟通能力,需要具备熟练的中文并可以熟练的读写和听说英文

Personal Attributes

·          Ability to think on your feet and be solution orientated

·          Must be a good communicator, team player and have excellent organization skills

·          Self-motivated and an excellent team player who can work quickly and efficiently with other members of the team

·          Keen eye for detail and a strong work ethic

·          Have initiative and motivation to succeed


·          具有独立思考并解决方案思维能力

·          必须具有极强的交流能力,团队精神和组织能力

·          具有自我工作的能力并可以与其他团队成员积极的快速的一起完成工作

·          需要对细节的敏锐感觉并非常有职业道德

·          有自发性并有对成功的渴望心

If that’s what you’re in to, Submit a brief cover letter, CV and portfolio to info@hcreates.design



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