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We are as passionate about our working environment as we are about making Aotearoa New Zealand the most livable place in the world.

We're at the start of our journey working from a base of high employee engagement - and we're aiming for extraordinary.

Our purpose of making Aotearoa New Zealand the most livable country in the world resonates, our strategy is on the mark and we have the leadership and commitment of our people to take it forward.

Our aim is to start increasing the integrity and value of the Environment. Over the short term we will strive to deliver impactful results for New Zealand. We are ready to pick up the pace of change, expand our sphere of influence and leadership and push the boundaries on what a government department can be. 

In this senior leadership role, you will run a high performing team of specialist advisors to partner seamlessly and collaboratively across the CE, Executive Leadership Team and organisation. As a confidant to a highly strategic CE, you will understand her world and bring a high level of organisation that will ultimately streamline systems and processes to better enable first-class delivery to the CE. Whether it be shifting culture of quality and delivery of policy advice, to translating the voice of the CE in a clear, concise way, to introducing action orientation in a way that leverages your ‘softer' influencing skills. 

The successful candidate will likely be in a similar role where you will be conversant with the machinery of government and government processes. You will be an excellent collaborator and relationship manager across internal and external parties with a focus on driving results and continuous improvement. You will have a sound political radar and have the ability to adapt to both a short and longer term strategic work programmes. You will have led and built capability across governance functions to deliver innovative and best practice systems, tools and service that position the organisation for success. 

If this sounds like the oppourtunity you have been waiting for, please apply. For more information, please contact Fraser Leith 04 913 6945.

Please note all applicants must have the right to work in NZ. All applications will be acknowledged electronically.  

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