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General Assistant to Sales and Marketing Team– Bilingual

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commensurate with market and candidate experience.


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General Assistant to Sales and Marketing Team– Bilingual


Digital Frontier is a world leader in marketing and creative concept visualizations in the 3D field. The company was started approx. 16 years ago and has grown to have offices around the globe and staff in the hundreds.  It’s Chengdu base and mix of local and international talent enable Digital Frontier to deliver excellent quality, superior service and competitive pricing to clients.

“数字前沿“ (DigitalFrontier)是3D营销和创意概念可视化领域的世界领导者。公司创立于16年前,现已发展了十多个全球办事处和数百名团队成员。成都基地集合了本土和国际人才,使得“数字前沿“ (DigitalFrontier) 能够为客户提供出色品质、优质服务和性价比高的产品和服务。

International Sales and Marketing team require a General Assistant who can display a high degree of communication and organizational skills both in Chinese and English.

Successful applicant will work with both Chinese and Western members of the team and must be able to communicate fluently in both languages.





§  Listening and Communication Skills: You will be expected to follow instructions from the sales and marketing team, and you will be expected to have the ability to understand those instructions with little or no follow up.

You will need to relate messages or instructions to others from members of the team to other personnel in the company. Good listening and communication skills ensures that the information is relayed correctly.


§  People/Interpersonal Skills: You will be working directly with all members of the team and you will often be the first line of communication between team and the outside world, potentially speaking with clients, other employees and upper management.

§  人际关系技巧:直接与团队的所有成员一起工作,是团队和外部世界沟通的第一线,很可能会与客户、其他员工以及高层管理人员进行会话交流。

§  Organizational Skills:The team will rely on you to keep the working day in order. Scheduling meetings, travel plans, billing, etc. will all require a successful personal assistant to have terrific organizational skills.

§  组织能力:团队工作将依靠你有序进行。安排会议、旅行计划、整理文件等等将都需要一个具有出色组织能力的成功的个人助理。

§  Computer Skills: Writing emails, transcribing notes, faxing, copying, and creating spreadsheets or printing documents.

§  计算机技能:能够写电子邮件、转录会议笔记、收发传真、复印和创建电子表格或打印文档。


Education and Skill Required:

B.S./B.A. degree in English, Journalism, Communications, Marketing or related field.

Several years (minimum of 2) of experience working/studying in foreign (English speaking) country or in a foreign company.

Demonstrated experience in communication.

Ability to deal with clients, including public officials with diplomacy and tact.

Salary and Benefits commensurate with market and candidate experience.






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