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We've grown rapidly over the past couple of years. Exciting, we think you'll agree. To continue doing what we do best we need the best development talent in our Product team based in Wellington.

We’re looking for a Front End developer who treats coding as a passion and not just a 9-5 thing. You’ll be a developer who can write client side JavaScript without the aid of jQuery; who can explain what BEM, SMACSS, and OOCSS are and what they entail; and can rattle off ES6 features and how you can use them in your development today. You’ll be up to date the with the current trends and techniques in modern JavaScript, but also have the ability to understand and work with an existing codebase.

More specifically, you will be someone…

  • who has an excellent knowledge of JavaScript and the myriad number of MV* frameworks available to use
  • who wants to build user interfaces using React.js whilst building components that can be shared across multiple products
  • who understands the failings of a poorly designed CSS architecture
  • who knows how to write both testable code and the accompanying tests
  • who knows the differences between Grunt, Gulp, Webpack, and Browserify
  • who has experience working with a UI pattern library
  • who enjoys working in an agile environment
  • who understands responsive design and can show how to deliver the appropriate UI for the right device
  • who understands GIT and how to use version control across a globally dispersed team
  • who understands RESTful APIs and how to consume them
  • who has experience working with an existing codebase and a desire to make the messier parts of that code less messy


“But what’s in it for me?” I hear you ask. You’ll get to work with a talented development team spread across multiple countries. We’re all working to solve challenges at a scale that few other companies get to tackle. How do you design and build a UI that works across cultures and that works for over a million people? And how do you ensure that the code that’s shipped is both performant and easy to consume by a large number of other developers? These are the types of questions you’ll get to answer. You’ll get to help tidy up an existing codebase and you’ll also get to play with new technologies like React, ES6, Node.js, and Webpack.

If you like the sound of our environment and you tick the boxes above, then we’d love to talk to you.

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