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Demand for community spaces is growing in Honiara, and while the Multi-Purpose Hall is already used by around 100 people per day, there is scope to improve the facilities. You’ll be working in the City Council’s Youth, Women and Sports division to improve the delivery and development of sporting and community activities in Honaria.

In this assignment you will work alongside the current Facilities Officer and occasionally the Sports Development Officer. You will assess operational knowledge gaps and work to develop the capacity of individuals in their roles, ensuring they have the skills and tools to improve operational outcomes for the medium and long term future of community and sporting facilities in Honiara.

The Honiara City Council currently manages the Multi-Purpose Hall, which is the Council’s primary community sports facility. The Hall is used for training, sport and cultural events. The New Zealand Aid Programme has funded an upgrade of the facilities, due for completion in 2019, so you’ll be working towards matching improved processes with the new and improved facilities.

One of the major opportunities of this assignment is to support the development of operational maintenance, and to implement policies and improve current booking systems. There is also further opportunity to develop processes and operational plans to improve local engagement with sports federations and relevant stakeholders.

Key deliverables of the assignment include:

  • Assist in the development of maintenance plans to support the Hall’s five-year operational plan
  • Develop and maintain relationships with external contractors to ensure appropriate management of the Hall’s facilities
  • Develop recommendations to support operational service development
  • Build and maintain relationships with the relevant sporting federations, youth stakeholders, arts and cultural groups, and;
  • Provide guidance to the Youth, Sports and Women Division on how to engage with key stakeholders to leverage positive outcomes for the Hall and the people of Honiara.

We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • Experience managing facility operations and knowledge of purchasing, supplies, grounds keeping and equipment repair
  • Experience developing and/or implementing a suitable facility booking management system
  • Strong communication and relationship management skills
  • Good understanding of the commercial environment and a strong awareness of customer satisfaction
  • Experience mentoring others
  • Analytical skills to assess needs and budgets

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