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New Zealand

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The people here at Apple don’t just create products — they create the kind of wonder that’s revolutionised entire industries. It’s the diversity of those people and their ideas that inspires the innovation that runs through everything we do, from amazing technology to industry-leading environmental efforts. Join Apple, and help us leave the world better than we found it. Apple’s Sales organisation generates the revenue needed to fuel our ongoing development of products and services. This in turn, enriches the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. Our sales team, is in many ways, the face of Apple to our largest customers. At the end of the day, our Education customers need to know that with their investments in our technologies, everything’s going to work as promised. We are the ones who make believers out of them. We solve technical and business problems to ensure success for both Apple and its customers. We provide both technical sales consulting and support with a goal of transforming the way people learn. The position will be instrumental in working with customers in conjunction with the sales teams in developing workplace and education strategies around Apple solutions, and will be completely conversant with Apple’s integration solutions, deployments and security considerations. Strong technical skills with iOS and mac OS are critical. Additionally, skills in the area of mobile application development, integration and security are highly desirable. The SE must be able to articulate persuasively the key differentiators and competitive advantages of Apple solutions for Education customers. The successful candidate will have a very strong combination of sales skills, technical competence, leadership, teamwork, and excellent oral and written communication skills. There will be the requirement to develop close and ongoing relationships with US counterparts, leveraging materials produced by those teams and deploying them locally.

Key Qualifications:

- Apple doesn’t cut corners, in products or in business. You bring the highest level of integrity, honesty, and accountability in all that you do, every single day. You are a trusted advisor who does what you say you’ll do – and always does what’s best for Apple.

- You bring IT knowledge in the areas of enterprise messaging, collaboration, Wi-Fi, client management solutions, and enterprise security technologies for iOS, macOS, and competing platforms. You also have familiarity with Apple’s App development tools and the advantages they bring to large organisations leveraging mobility for business transformation.

- You see the world through the eyes of the customer by deeply understanding their business needs, challenges, and concerns.You obsess over how they experience our products and services. You not only meet our customers’ expectations, but you exceed them.

- Customer and partner needs can often be unique – but, you’re quick on your feet and connect and influence the right people both inside and outside of Apple. You’re a go to person with leadership, and are trusted and comfortable in tough situations. You can settle disputes, negotiations and own the hard calls with minimal noise. You step up to conflicts and see them as opportunities to shine.

- You believe that communication is key to Apple’s success. You’re a dreamer and someone who actively talks and listens through endless possibilities – with customers and teammates alike. To ensure the most innovative ideas become a reality, you recognise perspectives, patiently listen to every detail and commit to what is right, in order to move us forward.

- You know yourself – you have strengths, weaknesses and opportunities - but you also know the people around you and are open to their feedback. You relate well to all kinds of people – up, down, and sideways, inside and outside the organisation. When faced with a challenging opportunity, you know who to connect with and when. People know you’re a real teammate and know what it takes to win.

- You strive for excellence in everything you do. Due to changing priorities, urgent customer needs, or a final push to meet a quarterly forecast, you face the daily challenge of where to focus your time and energy. You have a don’t give up attitude, and finish, especially in the face of resistance or setbacks. You seize every opportunity and empower others to reach their goals along the way.

- You adapt to change and find the right path without necessarily having all of the pieces to the puzzle. At Apple, things aren’t always clear but you shift gears and thrive when asked to explore new ground, rather than waiting on others.

- You think clearly. You simplify complex problems and distill big decisions down to their core. It’s rarely easy. Sometimes decisions require you to make tough calls, even after considerable energy has been invested - but you own it. You stand by your deep analysis, wisdom and experience to make quality and timely decisions.

- You have experience advising on technical business transformation solutions for large enterprises or experience in a consultative pre-sales engineering role.


We are Apple's Education customers’ trusted advisors on the Apple ecosystem and Apple platform adoption. We deeply understand our customers’ technical ambitions. We help remove technical barriers and friction points, and enhance customer readiness for our platform. We create new best practices and share them. We work collaboratively across Apple, our customers, channel and other strategic solution partners to change the way people work.

Education & Experience:

We anticipate you will have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.

Apple is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity.