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If you think the Google Doodle team is all fun and games, you're probably right. We're on a mission to find the right person to join our talented team of characters who are creating some fun for the Google Assistant. Here's where you fit in - you might have previously written for a character for film, TV, video game, or comic book who can deliver a joke that can make anyone smile or you're the person at the party who wins the trivia contest because you can finish the fun film quote or recite obscure music lyrics. More impressively, you can do all of this in English and another foreign language! Sound familiar? Then you've come to the right place.

The Google Assistant Personality team is dedicated to bringing a bit of fun and a human touch to people interacting with the Google Assistant through chat, phones, TVs, watches, Google Home and other devices we haven’t even thought of yet. As a Creative Writer, you’ll work closely with international Creative Leads in adapting the Google Assistant persona for your region. You’ll be writing dialogue and curating a wide range of content including jokes, quotes, fun facts, and games making sure it all feels natural for the market.

Success will be measured both in terms of quantity (delivering a high volume of content) and quality (delivering culturally appropriate compelling content).


Competitive salary applies.

There is always more information out there, and the Research and Machine Intelligence team has a never-ending quest to find it and make it accessible. We're constantly refining our signature search engine to provide better results, and developing offerings like Google Instant, Google Voice Search and Google Image Search to make it faster and more engaging. We're providing users around the world with great search results every day, but at Google, great just isn't good enough. We're just getting started.



·       Write and edit dialogue in relation to user interaction, and character development.


Minimum qualifications:

·       BA degree in Creative Writing or equivalent practical experience.

·       Experience writing dialogue for plays/screenplays, fiction/interactive fiction, and/or comedy/entertainment.

·       Experience as a writer for a consumer audience.

·       Ability to speak and write in English and one or more of the following languages fluently and idiomatically: French, Portuguese (Brazil).


 Preferred qualifications:

·       Experience and interest in product and game design and artificial intelligence.

·       Passion for pop-culture and current news.

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