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Banking and Financial Services
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We have to share with you an original idea. As a SME in financial services, we lack of talents and personalities to sell our brand, to represent our ideal and our company. So we need someone like you! Someone who will take in charge external presentation roles in our company, depending on what you do the best:

·       You will go with our selling team in our appointments with our clients. You will support them in the deals in order to challenge our competitors in negotiations and to manage our customers. 

·       You may be involved in representation roles in meetings, corporate events in Auckland or in New Zealand.

·       Regularly, we organize some internal events (seminar, comex etc...). We will need you to be among the managers to speak to our teams, to make them involved and agree with their managers.

This is a real opportunity for you if you want to develop your skills! We also expect that you will leave to our attention some tips and advises before you go and succeed in your true objective.


Of course, we will train you and make you grow up in our company step by step. We understand that this is not your targeted job, but it could be a useful step before you start.

Desired Profile:

So we are looking for a charismatic person, who takes easy to be in meetings and likes defending his/ her project. Person aged over 18 years old. You live in Auckland, New Zealand or its surroundings area. We don't look for an expert of financial services, just a good speaker so there is no shame if you do not know anything about it, but of course you must be interested in what we do.

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