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New Zealand

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The Falease’ela Environmental Protection Society (FEPS) is a group of matai, men, women and youth who work together to protect and conserve the natural and cultural heritage of Falease’ela.  Over the last 17 years the organisation has grown through numerous projects and the establishment of an eco-tourist business, with profits being returned to the community.

In this exciting role you will help strengthen FEPS’s ability to deliver its conservation vision by working alongside the whole Falease’ela community.

With your successful track record of establishing and managing a small business, you will help FEPS’s Project Manager develop and implement a growth plan for the organisation.  You will also upskill the Admin Assistant and committee members with useful business skills and acumen to help support the management of FEPS’s current and future projects. 

This is an exciting opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Samoan culture.  Living in Falease’ela village, you will frequently be sought out by small business owners to help increase their capacity to earn sustainable livelihoods.  The assignment is for 18-months with opportunity to extend to 2-years. 

We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • Highly knowledgeable in all aspects of small business planning, management and organisation (particularly sustainable business)
  • Experience establishing and managing small businesses and implementing successful growth strategies
  • A strong interest in conservation and the environment
  • Project management skills
  • Training and coaching skills
  • Team management experience
  • Experience working with vastly different stakeholders (e.g. UNDP, local committee members, Auckland Zoo)

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