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Grover & Company is a professional management consulting practice that specialises in building export capability and advising New Zealand businesses on international strategy. Together, we find value across promising international markets, develop insights and business models and motivate teams to gain competitive advantage. Our mission is to help New Zealand businesses grow their products, services, and intellectual property in promising international markets. Grover & Company helps New Zealand businesses develop export capabilities by offering the following professional services: 

  1. Business intelligence based on market insights.
  2. International business strategy.
  3. Feasibility studies and business modelling. 

Job Description 

Secondary Market Research & Analysis - 
Execute both Macro and Micro research briefs on Economy, Industry, Sector, and Organisation through purely Google search. Source and catalogue credible qualitative and quantitative information previously researched for other purposes and which is publicly available. These will specifically include reliable yet publicly published research reports, surveys, journals, databases, news articles, graphs and charts and reports, expert blogs and opinions. This secondary research will then need to be analysed using management frameworks to draw relevant and usable insights. All research generated has to be well referenced displaying its source. It is also necessary to present all quantitative research through graphs and charts. Frameworks that will need to be used to show the information are:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis - Porter's Five Forces
  • BCG Matrix
  • IGOR ANSOFF Matrix
  • External Environment Scanning
  • Broader Socio- Economic Environment 

Business Plan and Feasibility Planning - 

Structure professional business plans that can be used for financial institutions using the above sourced research information. Create detailed financial plans that evaluate the feasibility of the business plan through creation and analysis of financial statements (Statement of financial performance and financial position). Analyse the financials using instruments such as ROI, Payback Period, Breakeven Analysis, etc. 

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