Brand Marketing & E-commerce (Senior) Director - Shanghai


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Work type:

Brand Marketing:

  • Work with the Greater China VP of Marketing & Communications to develop and execute Brand strategy for the region. Compile and analyze customer insights, market trends, and competitive landscape to identify business opportunities to further solidify Coach’s leading position in luxury segment. Translate these opportunities into fully-integrated marketing plans across Communications, Publicity, Digital, Social Media, CRM and E-Commerce


The successful individual will leverage their proficiency in Marketing & PR to...


Brand Marketing

  • Manage cross-function and cross-regional teams to develop and execute marketing strategies
  • Develop vision and strategy for Coach Greater China that is both aligned with Global Marketing objectives and specific to China’s overall luxury environment
  • Manage entire Marketing department’s budget to align spending with strategy, and to optimize investments that will best elevate Coach brand awareness and aspiration across GC
  • Support key product launches with multi-layered 360 marketing campaigns
  • Translate strategy & key initiatives into cohesive action plans across Communications, PR, Digital, CRM, E-commerce & Tourist Marketing
  • Collect competitive intelligence, consumer insights, overall market/economic trend and perform in-depth analysis on the implications of these insights
  • Coordinate and synergize the execution of cross-functional actin plans both within Marketing & PR, and with other departments
  • Track and periodically update the progress of the strategy and cross-functional action plans; prepare regular marketing update reports and presentations
  • Build strong connection with NY head office and maintain frequent and collaborative communications


Media buy

  • Based on the overarching brand strategy develop media plan to best support the Coach brand across China, Hong Kong/Macau and Taiwan
  • Execute all the media buy with media partners and media agencies, including print, digital and social media
  • Maintain lasting and collaborative relationships with key media groups
  • Drive and initiate innovative digital media buy and investments across all existing and emerging digital platforms
  • Closely work with social media agencies to continue to run one of the most successful and advanced social media brand accounts in China
  • Design tailored media strategy for the vastly different media landscapes across China, Hong Kong/Macau and Taiwan



  • Take full ownership of the business, including Merchandising, Campaign Planning, Digital Marketing support and daily operations
  • Work closely with 3rd party service provider to offer a smooth and luxury shopping experience for customers
  • Explore 3rd party platform opportunities to balance between sales and brand image


The accomplished individual will possess...

  • At least 10 years of work experience with significant first-hand exposure to marketing and consultant in Greater China
  • Deep insights on China luxury market trends, industry landscape and consumers
  • Strong media background and understanding with proven media buy experience, particularly of China media landscape; understanding of Hong Kong and Taiwan media landscape is highly appreciated
  • Experience in managing teams to execute holist marketing campaigns in a luxury goods company in China
  • Proven strategic vision, the ability to see the big picture and think strategically. Experience developing and writing Marketing Strategic Plans a must
  • Strong analytical skills: understand and summarize business implications of numbers, industry reports and customer insights
  • Problem solving skills :identify problems, decompose problems and structure solutions to solve problems
  • Strong cross-functional knowledge, and proven track record in working across departments and regions
  • Understanding of China’s e-commerce landscape
  • An MBA from a top-tier US Business School
  • Native fluency in both English and Mandarin
  • Pragmatic and result-oriented in nature


An outstanding professional will have...

  • Curiosity, and a passion to learn and to make an impact
  • The ability to combine logical and creative thinking to optimize company resources
  • The ability to be highly proactive and creative in nature
  • Agility and flexibility to be highly result-oriented
  • The willingness of take true ownership of his/her job and take pride in doing what he or she does
  • A vested interest in fashion and apparel
  • Strategic thinking skills: past experience working at a top-tier Management Consulting firm is highly preferred
  • Lived in the US for an extended period, and thrives working in both cultures


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