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New Zealand

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Volunteer Service Abroad covers costs while you are on assignment, including travel, accommodation, living allowance and more

This assignment offers an opportunity to throw your agribusiness skills into a great initative and make a long-lasting difference.

Mabiri Juvenile Rehabilitation Centre (MJRC) is looking at several different means to derive revenue that will assist with its long term sustainability. The centre is located on very fertile ground and so is ideal for activities for agricultural purposes including gardens and farming of pigs, cows and chickens. Currently garden produce is being used to feed the juveniles as well as to sell to generate regular income. There is also a plan for integrating agricultural activities into the practical programmes for the juveniles as part of their development of life skills.

MJRC identified a need for a volunteer to help build capacity of the relevant staff. As a successful candidate you will work alongside the Department of Primary Industries personnel to review MJRC staff capabilities, provide recommendations and a work plan, and to design and execute a programme of immediate training that includes both theory and practical learning. An equally significant portion of the assignment will involve the execution of a comprehensive market analysis, and proposing recommendations and establishment of new systems.

This exciting role has been developed under VSA’s innovative hub and spokes model, where a volunteer is based with a ‘hub’ organisation, in this instance Department of Police Corrective Services and Justice, who facilitate the volunteer’s work, along with the VSA programme manager, with other organisations or ‘spokes’, in this instance the DPI and Arawa-based cooperatives. This model spreads the positive impact of a volunteer assignment beyond one organisation.

We are looking for a volunteer with:

  • Wide ranging practical experience in agribusiness (including: breeding, production, contracts, distribution, marketing and sales)
  • Experience providing on the job training and mentoring in the agricultural sector
  • Experience and knowledge of poultry or pigs, or other livestock production
  • Training/qualification in a relevant discipline e.g. agriculture, agribusiness, business administration or related field

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