Women in Tech - Tech London Advocates

Women in Tech - Tech London Advocates

Tomorrow's Tech Success: Empowering a Diverse Ecosystem

Join us and reserve your place at one of our tables on 9th March at Here East for an energetic and interactive working session.

As the geopolitical, economic, social and technological aspects of our world continue to evolve rapidly, leaders now more than ever depend on their workforce for agility and speed of responsiveness to competitive forces.

Creating an environment that encourages transparency, trust, creativity and a willingness to take risks can only truly be achieved by prioritising diversity. Shattering uniformity and being cognizant of how ‘difference’ fits in allows organisations to stay relevant to customers and drive innovation.

Following the success of Diversity in Tech, Tech London Advocates is showcasing a highly interactive working session led by TLA Women in Tech. We are bringing leaders together to drive challenging conversations and learn from those already paving the way for success.

We will hear an inspiring keynote, followed by a lively VIP panel of C-level executives who are breaking down perceived barriers and reaping the benefits of an inclusive workplace. We’ll then dive into a transformational development session, aided by interactive tech, on our roundtables with the UK's leading executive coach & Co-Founder of TLA WIT, Nikki Watkins.

Exclusive Executive Workshop

Change is hard.

This exclusive executive workshops will engage you to define the future competencies the tech world needs, compellingly connect these competencies to your own business models, and then agree recommendations and actions that will create a tipping point in your team & your business.

Research by McKinsey has proven that women are more highly rated on most of the traditional leadership competencies than men, and yet that is not manifesting in the demographic in tech businesses - and we believe there is more to be had than just that. We need you to debate the question of how the digital era will change how leaders need to behave and perhaps how women can play a key role in that.

  • What competencies do future leaders need to have in your business
  • What will change in your organisation that needs to have these competencies
  • If you could only prioritise 3 which would they be
  • How prevalent are these currently in your own business
  • What might women bring to your business that will create a differentiator for you/the tech world

Following our working session we invite you to stay for drinks and nibbles to continue discussion. This event is for all advocates, male and female! We look forward to welcoming you

We are hugely grateful to Gavin Poole and the team at Here East for hosting us.

Here East is London’s home for making, located in the heart of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. It is a dedicated place for individuals and companies who embrace and pioneer technology, share expertise and are creating the products of tomorrow. With over one million square feet of dedicated and versatile space, Here East is a unique campus where creative businesses growing in scale join businesses of scale growing in creativity. It is designed as a place for start-up, entrepreneurial businesses to co-exist and collaborate with global, established businesses and support genuine product innovation.

Join us. Engage. Act. #londontech #SheCanDoTech

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Time & Date

Thursday, 9 March 2017, 04:00 PM - Thursday, 9 March 2017, 07:00 PM


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Off Waterden Road London E20 3BS

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