Volunteer Weekend in Minamisanriku

Volunteer Weekend in Minamisanriku
The Food, Agriculture and Hospitality Committee is glad to invite you on our fifth volunteer trip to Minamisanriku to assist the local community in the recovery efforts. The trip is being co-ordinated with Green Farmers Miyagi who are building economic stability by providing jobs and a future for survivors. Green Farmers Miyagi have grown tremendously since it was first started with the assistance of OGA for Aid staff from one small plot in 2011. They now have over 24 local plots of land under cultivation, and around 14 full time and part time staff. This year a second vegetable processing factory has been constructed with the help of the Knights in White Lycra Executive Charity Cycle ride, so farmers can add value to their crops rather than only sell into the JA system. On arrival, we will take a short tour of the area to get an idea of the scope of the tsunami and a visit to the ANZ Bank funded and LEND LEASE built Koala House. Later it is likely the group will participate in harvesting some of the 500,000 long onions (up from 200,000 planted last season) that were planted this season. There will also be other activities such as harvesting salmon roe, visiting an oyster farmer and picking apples. And on Saturday night, we will enjoy dinner together at on of the local Izakaya restaurants. We would like to encourage corporate members to send small groups of staff along if possible for team building, or simply as a way to give back to the community. Don’t miss this undoubtedly valuable opportunity to help Minamisanriku rebuild and to enjoy the onsen, nature and local seafood Minamisanriku has to offer. For additional information regarding the accommodation and other arrangements in Minamisanriku, please contact the Secretariat at events@anzccj.jp.
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Saturday, 22 November 2014, 07:00 AM - Sunday, 23 November 2014, 06:00 PM


Motoyoshi District

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18000 Yen