Six60 US Tour - San Deigo

Six60 US Tour - San Deigo

Somewhere within the confines of Dunedins 660 Castle Street, five Otago University students began plotting in the summer of 2008. Marlon Gerbes, Matiu Walters, Eli Paewai, Chris Mac and Ji Fraser picked up instruments, turned on amps, closed the door to keep the noise in, and SIX60 came to life.

In the years since, the band traversed tens of thousands of miles throughout Australasia, Europe and The USA, and transcended the loftiest of expectations placed upon them by their most diehard fans. 6 New Zealand Music Awards, quadruple platinum album sales for their self-titled debut SIX60, sold out nationwide tours, summer festival headline performances, collaborations with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra and feverish local and international popularity that few New Zealand bands could ever lay claim to.

Careening between roots, soul, pop and dubstep; combining r & b with drum and bass; the bands unorthodox marrying and mish-mashery between unlikely genres gained them favour throughout New Zealand in record time.

Their second album is ready, the first single- named Special - arrives joyous and summery, landing gleefully in the sweet spot between pop, soul and R & B while channeling hints of Pharrell Williams-esque melodies and jinky guitar sound the band are known for.

They have been on the road since the release of SIX60 had led them to Glastonbury, a total of 9 performances at SXSW and showcases at renowned international conference festivals The Great Escape (UK) and CMJ (New York); and of course voyages home to New Zealand to sold out shows from Auckland to the deep south of Dunedin where it had all began back in 2008.

If the love that music fans around the planet have for SIX60 is anything to go by the new album they have been waiting for is truly going to be something pretty Special indeed.

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017, 09:00 PM - Tuesday, 8 August 2017, 11:00 PM


2501 Kettner Boulevard San Diego, California 92101

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$12 - $14