Select USA - Attracting Investment, Increasing Employment in the USA

Select USA - Attracting Investment, Increasing Employment in the USA
Recognizing that the competitiveness and job-generating ability of a nation is determined by its desirability as a place for businesses to operate, SelectUSA was created at the federal level to showcase the United States as the world’s premier business location and to provide easy access to federal-level programs and services related to business investment. SelectUSA is designed to complement the activities of our statesundefinedthe primary drivers of economic development in the United States. On our site, state economic development agencies and businessesundefinedforeign and domesticundefinedwill find the information they need to better understand the complete value proposition offered to firms located in the United States. Information provided includes: A searchable guide of federal programs and services available to businesses operating in the United Statesundefinedincluding grants, loans, loan guarantees, and tax incentives; Industry snapshots that describe the competitive landscape; and An overview on “Why Select the USA?” that explains the advantages of operating a business in the United States. We are expecting 6-8 economic development organisations to come to New Zealand to encourace those already investing in the U.S. to expand their investment while exposing new investors to the possibilities in the U.S. market.
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Monday, 8 September 2014, 07:30 AM - Monday, 30 November -0001, 12:00 AM


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