Pitch Your Business

Pitch Your Business
Join SODA for a unique 3.5 hour SODA Ignite Workshop that will change the way you construct and present the story of your business idea to different target audiences. Understand the difference and learn how to switch between your personal pitch, your business pitch and your solution to customers. Learn how to build and deliver your pitch to leave a powerfull impact with your target audience and generate outcomes that are critical for your business success. Power pitches should generate leads, sell, upsell, grab attention of investors, potential business partners and the public. Pitching a business idea to investors is an art rather than science. The discipline has been evolving in the same way as other business and management techniques have developed. Consider how traditional long business plans are being replaced by short executive summaries accompanied by business model canvas, consider how traditional expensive market research excercises are being replaced by rapid iterative customer engagement, such as lean startup inspired market validation. The skill of being always prepared to pitch and collect valuable feedback to inform how we construct and present our business has become an essential capability trait for modern entrepreneurs. It is a useful skill for any professional who needs to generate high impact support for their value proposition(s). This workshop will introduce you to a suite of techniques such as the message map. WHO: Startup founders, business owners and operators, entrepreneurs, investors, recent graduates, professionals or anyone who needs to be able to pitch a business idea to a target audience with a high impact WHERE: SODA | 1 Victoria Street | Hamilton WHEN: 5 Nov, 2014, 1 - 4.30 pm, including drinks and nibbles following workshop INSTRUCTORS: Petr Adamek | Business Growth Manager | SODA | 18 years of international business consulting experience Vanessa Clark | Business Growth Advisor | SODA | 18 years of international business experience PRICE: $350 per/person WHAT DO I GET? Get exposed to the methods and practice of business pitching, understand the difference and learn how to switch between your personal pitch, your business pitch and your solution to customers. SPECIAL OFFER: Recieve a 60 minute consultation with a Team SODA business coach to evaluate your business idea and plan your next steps.
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Wednesday, 5 November 2014, 01:00 PM - Wednesday, 5 November 2014, 04:30 PM


SODA | 1 Victoria Street Hamilton
New Zealand

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$350 per/person