NYC Chappell Hadlee Cricket Match: Rematch of the World Cup Final!

NYC Chappell Hadlee Cricket Match: Rematch of the World Cup Final!
One fine day over a tennis match in February 2012, Nikhil Puri (NZ), and Darren Nicol (Aus), accompanied by James Hodges (NZ) decided that an Kiwi-Aussie cricketing duel had to be played to decide the better of the two expat communities in New York. And so, a date was set, beer and food was sponsored by local expat Aussie and Kiwi businesses, trophies were bought, and a multitude of people descended on Greenwich, CT for the first ever NYC Chappell Hadlee Cricket Match. Funds raised from donations by the players and spectators and others were donated to Achilles International, and so the tradition was born. These funds support the Australia and New Zealand chapters of Achilles International. The chapters will be bringing teams of inspirational athletes with disabilities to NYC in November to run the NYC Marathon and we are excited to use our common bond as sportsmen to support athletes who let nothing get in their way as they fight to achieve greatness. In our fourth year of the game, the contest stands at 2-1 to Australia, but the New Zealanders won last year, and will be fighting tooth and nail with their counterparts to retain the trophy. There will be a bus picking up from The Australian Bar on 38th street between 5th and 6th avenues at 10am and taking the spectators and players to the ground. It's $30 for a round-trip ticket and the money you pay goes to charity. See the link below for more details.
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Saturday, 20 June 2015, 12:30 PM - Saturday, 20 June 2015, 06:30 PM


New York
United States

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