Meet Other People And Pay It Forward

Meet Other People And Pay It Forward
Help each other by offering to give up some time and find people who can help you in your world. Get to meet other inspired people who give more than they receive, and offer to help them in return. Successful communities work together, buying their services from each other instead of John Doe, and keep the money going around in these tough times. Pick up on others ideas and have a community mind-set to your life here in Aussie. This is a major step in success around the world, and because it's so easy to miss, most people don't recognise the potential power in getting together. Major areas already being discussed: Cost of living Government assistance for families in Aus Understanding and accepting the different personalities in your family, and sharing your ideas with people who have been there, or are there, and want to be around emotionally intelligent people (who understand how tough "life" is sometimes) Employment Starting or running businesses Strategic Business Management Health and fitness (beginners or new beginnings, thru to elite. Nutrition for families thru to high performance business people and athletes) Organising social events locally or getting up to speed on what's going on Local food, local vegetables, local fruit, local life around you Making new friends and expressing yourself Or there are some enterprising people who care about others and deliver high quality products and services that you can learn from or recommend to others that may need them Free tea, coffee, biscuits or you can enjoy pay-for meals, beer, wine. Family welcome, and please discuss with the organisers if arrangements need to be made to mind children on site for an hour while adults meet, greet and share. Please SMS your interest or email your attendance and numbers to: Petar Scott (B.Pharmacy, Otago Uni. Master of Business, Adelaide Uni) M: 0432 225 262
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Monday, 11 August 2014, 06:45 PM - Monday, 11 August 2014, 08:45 PM


Broncos League Club
Conference Room. 98 Fulcher Road Red Hill‎ Qld‎ 4059 Australia

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