Macro/Micro China What does it mean for NZ? - New Zealand Chine Trade Association

Macro/Micro China What does it mean for NZ? - New Zealand Chine Trade Association
We are fortunate to have two experts on China visiting New Zealand at the same time. Taking full advantage of this opportunity, we are holding a briefing on the economic and political changes happening in China, and its impacts for New Zealand. MARY BOYD, the director of the Economist Shanghai has extensive understanding of the Chinese leadership, the Chinese economy, the regulatory environment and its impact on the commercial environment in China. She will comment on the macro aspects of the Chinese economy, its policy changes and the impact it has domestically and internationally. She will also highlight any particular emerging challenges for NZ in terms of trade positioning with China. JEREMY SARGENT, a lawyer who founded his own consulting firm in Shanghai and Guangzhou, will follow Mary’s lead in commenting on the micro aspects of doing business in China as they are impacted by the economic changes. He will make observations on how Chinese economic development may influence NZ businesses trading with China. Jeremy is also the Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Southern China and is an advisor on NZTE Beachheads. Finally the panel discussion will be moderated by JOHN MCKINNON, (Executive Director of the Asia NZ Foundation and New Zealand Ambassador designate), who will provide context around the NZ/China relationship, drawing on his own expertise and experience to give the audience a better understanding of the NZ/China partnership.
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Thursday, 31 July 2014, 12:00 PM - Monday, 30 November -0001, 12:00 AM


Level 22 PwC Tower
188 Quay St
New Zealand

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