Lunchtime Food and Wine Matching lesson at Maltby St Market

Lunchtime Food and Wine Matching lesson at Maltby St Market

Are you all about strong flavours, or the "queen of finesse" or somewhere in between? July 2nd is the chance to learn about your palate and how it reacts with various foods and wine. The aim is for you to learn more about your own palate and put it into practice immediately. Philip Morton is a WSET educator who will take you through a 30min lesson about your palate.


- The "Lesson"; taste 3 wines with key food flavours (Salty, Sweet, Bitter, Sour "Umami" (Savory), plus chili heat

- Buy your lunch from the fabulous food on offer at Maltby Street Market  

- Return to the Eisenhower Room and choose a glass of wine to match your palate and food

- A place to sit and eat (Maltby St is standing room only on a Saturday)

- 15% discount on M-Wines purchased on the day

£20 per person 

NZ SOCIETY MEMBERS don't forget to use your M-Wines to use the code for a 15% discount on the ticket.  Details on NZ Society website and please bring your membership card

Eisenhower Room Lassco Maltby Street SE1 3PA 11.45am:  We will start the lesson at 12.00 sharp we have the use of the Eisenhower Room until 13.45pm only, it then reverts to the bar.

NB Maximum 25 people and your order confirmation is your ticket 

(To make the most of a tasting try to avoid strong flavoured or hot spicy food, coffee, cigarettes etc in the 2 hours beforehand - and hold back on that aftershave and perfume too)   

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Time & Date

Saturday, 2 July 2016, 11:45 AM - Saturday, 2 July 2016, 01:45 PM


Lassco Ropewalk 40 Maltby St Bermondsey SE1 3PA

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