Immigration and Investment Seminar - Seattle

Immigration and Investment Seminar - Seattle
The attractiveness of New Zealand as a place to live, invest and work is behind growing international interest in what this South Pacific country has to offer.

Most parts of New Zealand are less than an hour’s drive from a stunning, unpolluted coastline and the South Island is internationally renowned for its mountainous beauty.

With many countries over populated, struggling economically and facing security concerns, investors and migrants are increasingly looking to New Zealand as a safe haven for both investment and lifestyle. New Zealand welcomes foreign investment and immigrants and has an economy that is performing better than most around the world.

This highly experienced team of New Zealand immigration and investment specialists can assist you to immigrate or invest in New Zealand.

The team works closely together to ensure clients’ interests are expertly handled and are managed in a coordinated manner. This will ensure that your transition to a new life or investment into New Zealand is as smooth as possible and delivers the best outcome for you. All clients can be assured of total confidentiality at all times.

New Zealand Immigration and Investment Specialists

  • Malcolm Pacific: Malcolm Pacific manages visa and citizenship applications for migrants. Licensed Immigration Advisers assess eligibility, advise on strategy, assist with documentation and represent clients to the New Zealand government throughout the visa process. A dedicated team looks after high net worth individuals and their families. Malcolm Pacific clients enjoy enhanced settlement outcomes; lower stress; more certainty; better time planning; better preparation and most importantly approval.
  • PwC: PwC is the leading professional services and advisory firm in New Zealand with 120 partners and 1,300 staff. PwC offers a fully integrated service to United States clients who are considering investing in New Zealand or relocating to New Zealand for the first time. Our experienced team can help you achieve your personal and business goals by ensuring you maximise the opportunities New Zealand has to offer, while navigating the complex multi-jurisdictional issues that can arise when investing in or relocating to a new country. Through PwC's global network, you will also benefit from the full breadth of PwC's expertise and connections throughout the world.
  • New Zealand Bullion Depository: The depository was founded to provide discreet services to discerning high value clients who believe in holding a portion of their portfolio in the form of precious metal as wealth insurance. By building a world class vault in one of the most secure and stable countries in the world, NZBD offers the ultimate safe haven for wealth diversification and portfolio security. Utilising our team’s decades of experience our clients are assured of a confidential seamless service allowing for a level of comfort not available elsewhere.

The Expert Team

  • Louis McLennan - Director, Financial Advisory Services, PwC
  • Michael O'Kane - Chief Operating Officer, New Zealand Bullion Depository
  • David Cooper - Director, Client Service, Malcolm Pacific Immigration
  • Daniel Thomson - Corporate Manager, Malcolm Pacific Immigration
Attend Contact

Time & Date

Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 06:00 PM - Wednesday, 18 October 2017, 09:00 PM


110 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101

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