Frances Walsh, ‘Women’s Magazines Past: A Lament’

Frances Walsh, ‘Women’s Magazines Past: A Lament’
During 1890 to 1975 at least a dozen women’s magazines and one newspaper were launched in New Zealand. They were a strange and anarchic mélange, representing conflicting views in a mix of journalistic and literary genres, in registers both high and low. Frances Walsh, author of Inside Stories: A History of the New Zealand Housewife 1890-1975, surveys the magazines – including a 1933 issue of NZ Women’s Weekly in which the reputedly chain-smoking Hedda Dyson urged women to abandon capitalism for socialism in her editorial, while nearby ran copy suggesting women clean brogues with a banana skin. Frances Walsh is a New Zealand journalist who has worked as an award-winning writer and books & arts editor on Metro magazine. Most recently she edited an international wine magazine, which has unlikely headquarters in an Auckland suburb. Her book Inside Stories was published while she worked as a trade unionist. Frances lectures at Angela Ruskin University. What the NZ Herald reviewer said of Inside Stories: ‘A great read. Written with wit, intelligence and a refreshing lack of condescension towards the ideas and attitudes of the last century.’
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