Dave Dobbyn - Newcastle Australia

Dave Dobbyn - Newcastle Australia

After an eight year gap, Dave Dobbyn has released his 10th studio album, 'Harmony House', produced by Sam Flynn Scott and Luke Buda of The Phoenix Foundation, bringing new music to a catalogue that now spans 40 years. He’ll perform songs old and new at 7 Australian shows this coming August, accompanied by his rhythm section.


Dave Dobbyn says that since day one, he has had a tune in his head. He’d be twiddling the dial on the radiogram, “travelling the world in music”.


He has written the soundtrack to Kiwi lives, with a string of hits including ‘Beside You’, ‘Be Mine Tonight’ ‘Language’, ‘Outlook for Thursday’, ‘Loyal’, ‘Whaling’, ‘Kingdom Come’, ‘It Dawned On Me’, ‘Guilty’, ‘Devil You Know’, ‘Slice of Heaven’, ‘Magic What She Do’, ‘Oughta Be in Love’ and 'Welcome Home’.


In the world of pop music, longevity is rarely achieved but Dobbyn's talents have consistently charmed their way into the consciousness of music lovers. 

Dobbyn’s tour will start in Newcastle August 18th, and the tour will see him venture to Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Margaret River, Fremantle and Perth.

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Thursday, 18 August 2016, 07:00 PM - Thursday, 18 August 2016, 11:00 PM


31 Morehead St, Lambton NSW 2299

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