Creative Supernova

Creative Supernova

Creative Supernova is for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners That Want to Discover How to Grow their Business To A Global Level, Achieve Time, Financial & Creative Freedom, Have More FUN, & Create Positive Change In The World

How Is This 3 Day Event Going To Create Change For Business Owners Attending?

“A Supernova is created by a massive explosion of a star!

This star goes from being a common, every day sight... to becoming a brilliant phenomenon whose light & impact can be seen from galaxies away! At the 3-day Creative Supernova Experience - you are the Star... and we’ll help you exponentially increase your light and impact. 

Many driven entrepreneurs have a big dream of creating massive impact, afreedom delivering income, and an inspirational revolution to make the world a better place with what they do. 

Yet ... they fall short in realising this dream. 

There are 3 main reasons this happens. 

1. They lack a proven easy to follow map. They don’t know with unwavering clarity how to get from where they are to where they want to be. At Creative Supernova, we’ll help you create what we call a customized, “Impact System.” This is an easy to implement plan that will take you from mediocre to magnificent. You’ll know exactly how to call forth your ultimate fan base in no time so you can shine your light on them. 

2. The second reason entrepreneurs have trouble getting lift off is they lack mentorship. If you want to create anything fantastic in life - study from those who’ve already done what you intend, and have already overcome the business challenges and fears that may be keeping you frustratingly unfulfilled. At Creative Super Nova, we’ve invited 10 of the Top Transformation Leaders in the Industry to share their knowledge with you. You’ll discover...

  •  How to go from hundreds of mildly interested subscribers to thousands of worldwide engaged fans wanting to buy in to what you recommend, without you paying crazy amounts for ‘everybody else is doing it and hope’ marketing
  •  How to skip 70% of your current ‘someone’s gotta do it’ work to focus on enjoyable ‘easy-flow’ activity that double your results, without doubling your team or your expenses
  •  How to form win/win perfect-profit-partnerships that can triple your sales funnel, Income and audience reach, without being that annoying ‘Facebook wave’ or LinkedIn ‘New-friend-Now-pitch’ person

3. Finally... the quickest way to kill a dream is to make it feel like work. So many entrepreneurs get caught up in the day to day ... and forget why they started their business to begin with. Bottom line - Fun is the Fuel. That’s why, we’ll do everything we can to get you reconnected to your fun and flow sweet spot. Where very little feels like work, and the world cant help appreciating and engaging with you because you're shining with your natural gifts and talents When you create from a place of fun and joy…everything flows with ease. 

Join us for 3 solid days of accelerated growth for you... and your business.  The world is waiting to see YOU. 

Featuring expert speakers 

  • David Bayer
  • Steve Olsher
  • Eiji Morishita
  • Loral Langemeier
  • Rachel Martin
  • Dan Morris
  • Jemimah Ashleigh
  • Barry Magliarditi
  • Paul Dunn
  • Zachary Babcock
  • Justin Cunningham

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Time & Date

Thursday, 23 August 2018, 08:00 AM - Saturday, 25 August 2018, 05:00 PM


6101 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, 90045

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$297 (2 for 1 ticket)