Careers Seminar: Becoming a Glomad

Careers Seminar: Becoming a Glomad

Have you always dreamed of living abroad? Are you getting the sense that a stint overseas might help your career, but you’re not really sure where to start?

In this seminar, recently returned glomad Tricia Alach will walk you through all the things you need to consider, when considering a life on the road.

This will include:

  • The common pathways to living and working abroad
  • The glomad lifecycle – what to expect in practical and emotional terms
  • The personal and professional benefits of experience gained overseas
  • Practical tips and resources to get you started

About the speaker

Tricia Alach began her professional life as a lecturer at the University of Auckland before embarking on a glomadic life that took her to live in the Netherlands, the UK and the US. Beyond her personal experience, in her role as a talent manager, she has sent many others out into the world, to gain the skills and experience needed to further progress their careers. In this seminar, she will share tips and insights gained wearing both these hats so you can decide, if the glomadic path is right for you and, how to take your first steps.

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Time & Date

Wednesday, 19 July 2017, 06:00 PM - Wednesday, 19 July 2017, 08:00 PM


12 Grafton Road, Auckland

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