Business Networking Summit (it's online, global & FREE)

Business Networking Summit (it's online, global & FREE)

Networking is one of the key ways in which many people grow their businesses and careers.

Yet, while critical to business success, networking is not ‘taught’ very often… and loads of us feel uncomfortable as we don’t really know what to do while networking and thereafter to build the relationship.

Do you want to get better at networking?

Do you want the bulk of your business sales and growth to come from networking and referrals?

Do you want to advance your career, profile, reputation, personal brand via networking?

Would you like to become masterful at networking and connecting, helping others to achieve business success and at the same time, becoming more successful yourself?

Business Networking Summit

I'm Adèle McLay, a Kiwi based in London, and I’m thrilled to be hosting the Business Networking Summit from 11-17 April.  It’s FREE to participate.  During the Summit, I’m having conversations with +35 of the world’s leading authors, thought leaders, practitioners, teachers, and coaches/consultants.  We’re talking about all aspects of networking… and a lot more.

Check out the people I'm interviewing. They're world class... and include two of our own - Tenby Powell and Bronwen Horton.

This event is not to be missed. 

Here are some snippets of what you’ll be learning:

·      How to develop a networking strategy – to maximise the value of the networking you do.

·      What type of personality you are and how you can use that to your greatest advantage when networking.

·      How to mingle…. (that’s not something that everyone can do – yet they should).

·      How to stand out and get noticed in a busy networking world – creating INTRIGUE and likability.

·      How to network with the media to get your own PR.

·      How to become a super networker of connector - connecting in with the world's most influential people.

·      How to emulate the success of people who have used networking as the key lever in their business success.

The Summit will arrive in your email inbox starting Monday, 11 April, for one week.  Each day, you’ll receive five of the conversations I’ve had with these A-MAZ-ING and very giving experts.

And it’s all FREE for you…. You can see us from the comfort of your office or sofa… take plenty of notes as there are golden nuggets in every conversation.

Our goal in presenting this Business Networking Summit is to guide you to be an exceptionally masterful networker.  Someone who truly understands how to network to support others to achieve success in business and in doing so, achieve business success too.

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you at the Summit. 

With love

Adèle McLay xx

If you'd like to connect in with me personally, my email is

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Monday, 11 April 2016, 12:00 AM - Sunday, 17 April 2016, 12:00 AM


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