Belinda Tuki, Creator & Owner of The Honest Food Company, based in Auckland, New Zealand is also the woman behind Avidgirlboss, a transformational movement on a mission to empower women worldwide to reclaim their power & live with purpose.

It's about being 100% unapologetically YOU, living life on your terms. 

The purpose of the #AGB Events is to provide a space for women to celebrate their beautiful and powerful feminine energy and be inspired to live with purpose and honour their calling.

Belinda is a powerhouse catalyst for change, and through her stories and messages, empowers you on your journey of self-discovery, enlightenment and transformation to make those changes you may have only "hoped" for, or wished you could make happen.

This event is for you, take the chance to learn more about your Self. Your mindset is the most powerful tool you have in business and in life.

This isn't about having the biggest or the best. This is about being able to live YOUR life with every heartbeat, every breath, every ounce of your being in alignment with your mental picture of how you have always seen your most wonderful life. In full colour, in all its glory.

The evening will be filled with inspiration, motivation, personal stories & learnings to help you in your own transformational journey.

You have the right to change your story is the theme of the evening, breaking down the fear of moving past the limiting blocks and beliefs that you feel have kept you from unleashing your true power and potential.


"Belinda is a model example of a human, woman, working towards your own goals and dreams using that 'special' gift that everyone is born with. An advocate for 'mainstream can get fckd' because only you know what path and what decisions you should be making to achieve what you need to achieve." Jen F.


"Wow, you, you beautiful woman rocked me at my core last night. Your event is truly ground breaking. Those strong, brave, inspiring women standing up there with you last night stirred so much emotion within me, YOUR message is SO strong. I'm so glad you decided not to "shhh" because the world freaking needs you! ❤

I'm just at the very beginnings of finding my voice, speaking my truth and owning my story, so your event could not have come at a better time. Wow I have so much love for you and your cause, THANK YOU so much, you are truly amazing." Amy W


"An AGB is a woman in control of her life. The boss over her own destiny. A wise woman, a woman who uses  all of her attributes to become the person she chooses to become. A woman who finds solutions to any negative influences in her life. A woman who surrounds herself with like-minded persons, and rids of those who do not believe in her." Bee H.


"It really exceeded my expectations. I felt encouraged to speak my truth, connect with others in a meaningful way, and be vulnerable." Latesha R.


"Belinda is an innovative and inspired business woman on a mission to raise up and empower others to recognise and step into their own power. I purchased my ticket because I was interested in what Belinda has been able to achieve in business and I thought it would be an awesome networking opportunity. However what I received was much more than that. The evening was about getting to the heart of everyone in the room, allowing everyone to connect as humans and souls first. In this busy world where everyone has a timeline and an agenda that is a rare and precious thing. Thank you Belinda for giving this to all of us." Jo L.

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017, 06:00 PM - Tuesday, 11 July 2017, 09:00 PM



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