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Franchise group seeks networks in the beauty and cosmetic medicine industry to expand in the UK

FAB Group is a profitable, ambitious and fast growing franchisor company operating in New Zealand with a national chain of 50 clinics (Caci). Caci is the most well know cosmetic medicine and skin treatment brand in New Zealand. The brand occupies a unique space in the health and beauty market, sitting clearly between a beauty spa and cosmetic surgery.

The company has developed a scalable business model that is ready to be leveraged in a rapidly expanding and fragmented global market. FAB Group's unique business membership model creates long term high value customers, a dedicated training facility which offers training both onsite and online for master franchisees, sub franchisees and clinic staff, and their own skincare range. Having proven success over 20 years in New Zealand and seeing a gap in similar markets globally, FAB Group is now looking to expand internationally into the UK.​

FAB Group want to expand through franchising, licensing, acquisition or through partnering with a related international enterprise. The group would like to meet commercial agents or suppliers, contractors who can assist with recruitment, industry parties in the beauty or cosmetic medicine industry, or potential master franchisees and/or franchisees.

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Ticketing service platform seeks market insights from transport authorities in North America and Europe

Snapper Services is a tech company that provides a ticketing service for bus networks and a platform that operates on android phones to top-up the Snapper card. Snapper also has three international customers (Dublin, Belfast and Latvia) all using Snapper technology to load their public transport smartcards with funds via mobile. However, as cities are moving away from smartcards towards bank cards Snapper is now in its next product-technology development stage and needs help with researching the market to ensure they don't miss the mark. SnapperServices would like to connect with transport authorities for market insights and advice in North America and Europe.

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Crime prevention software seeking decision makers from large scale retailers in the US

Auror is the leading platform for retailers that want to reduce the costs of crime to their business. Auror connects an ecosystem of technology and stakeholders across organisations around the core jobs of solving and preventing crime. Intelligent case management is the core of the Auror platform, streamlining incident reporting, collaboration between stores and law enforcement, and enabling effective licence plate and facial recognition through integration and process automation, automated civil recovery, and powerful data insights to make informed decisions around security. Auror would like to connect with decision makers in large retail enterprises in the US to get feedback on how to target US retailers effectively to help us develop an effective go-to-market strategy.

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 Sports commentary

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Live crowd-sourced sports commentary platform seeks advice from TV and media experts in the US and UK

Spalk software lets broadcasters offer multiple, demographically-targeted commentators on their existing live sports streams. This means fans, athletes or celebrities can commentate games remotely, and their viewers get to pick which commentator they want listen to based on the language, style or team bias of the commentator. The software delivers that audio live & in-sync with their stream. The company's software lets broadcasters offer multiple, demographically-targeted commentators on their existing live sports streams. 

​They work with broadcasters & rights owners around the world, including Maori TV, the PSA & FINA to white-label our technology onto their website. ​Spalk even has their own free-to-use platform over at for college & amateur sports. Spalk is seeking advice and feedback from Kea members in the US and UK in the TV/media space that can support with the potential to formalise the relationship into a remunerated advisory role.

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Design agency seeks decision makers in education sector in Australia for Game of Awesome

Chrometoaster is interested in meeting with leaders in the education sector in Australia. These could be people who commission educational resources, and those who design and deliver educational resources. Chrometoaster would like to learn more about the market and to explore ideas about what would be required to develop and distribute a version of Game of Awesome for Australian kids. 

Game of Awesome is a hilarious, educational card game designed to inspire 8–12-year-old students to write creative stories — while increasing their literacy levels. The game is proving to be very popular with kids in NZ schools. In addition to the Game of Awesome product, they provide quality digital products and services for the educational sector of NZ that they feel can be replicated/applied in Australia. 

Chrometoaster would like to briefly share their product/services, which include high-end website/app design and development that improves learning outcomes for students, and professional development for educators. They'd like to see if there is a market for partnering, to help an established Australian firm gain competitive advantage.   

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RV platform seeking partnership with asset financing company in the US

Mighway (Tourism Holdings Limited) is seeking a US based asset financing company to partner with to create a consumer facing finance product that allows for the purchaser to rent their RV out via the Mighway platform. In partnering with Mighway, the worlds largest RV rental operator, the finance company will have the opportunity to access the rapidly growing RV vertical via the dealer community.

Mighway is the worlds largest RV rental operator that has launched a peer-2-peer platform to support non-asset based revenue growth. The company was launched in NZ and has grown rapidly to a point whereby we now have over 500 owners in NZ and have become a major player in the RV rental space in our own right. In addition, Mighway is now a major factor for many people when considering to buy an RV, i.e. they can now earn passive income in a controlled way when they purchase this asset. In NZ Mighway has partnered with Heartland Bank to create a unique 'Affordable Ownership Program' (AOP) product. ​

​To support the effective launch of the AOP product Mighway is looking for a finance company to partner with to create a RV specific product that allows rental activity via Mighway.

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Radiography simulation software seeks to connect with education providers in the US

Virtual Medical Coaching is seeking higher education provider networks in the US for distribution.

Virtual Medical Coaching offers an award-winning end-to-end solution for all your e-coaching and simulation needs. The VMC adaptive e-coaching software measures student progress, successes and dynamically changes to fit each learner, assessing and filling gaps as they go. This reduces face-to-face teaching time and allows students and teachers to spend more time on areas that need clarification. 

Simulation is completed in virtual reality so students can get complete immersion into a modern imaging department, just like they will in hospitals. The VR suite offers the latest in computed radiography and digital radiography models so when your students enter the clinical site, they are technically competent.

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Digital mindfulness meditation business seeks business mentor in US

The 10 Minute Mind is a digital mindfulness meditation programme that encourages people to manage their mental framework to develop a positive and conscious relationship with themselves. The course is a simple, accessible programme that makes learning mindfulness meditation automatic and effortless. It was trialled extensively at University College London (UCL), one of the top universities in the world, with impressive results. UCL continue to offer it to all of their students and staff.

The 10 Minute Mind would like to connect with Kiwis who are involved in Student Health Services or Psychological Services in universities, colleges or polytechs or human resource management with a focus on health and wellbeing for business mentoring. 

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