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Virtual economy teaching platform seeks connections in the education sector in the UK

Banqer is a financial education platform for primary children which transforms the classroom into a virtual economy. Students have their own mock online bank accounts, and through transacting with one another, and their teacher, they learn about all sorts of awesome financial concepts, including saving, interest, tax, employment, superannuation, real estate and insurance. Students learn to be curious, creative, and ultimately, confident with money in a safe environment. Banqer is seeking to connect with New Zealanders who are working in the UK education sector as they prepare to launch.

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A dinner table seeks local female business founders to take a seat

Access2 is a series of intimate dinners hosted by revolutionary leaders. Business leaders host 6-8 inspiring female entrepreneurs in their homes to give attendees access to meaningful interaction, networks, and conversations. Access2's first host in Auckland is Flying Kiwi Frances Valintine, who is also an award-winning entrepreneur and education futurist, and founder of The Mind Lab and Tech Futures Lab.


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Dairy products seek guidance for expansion into the UK

Artisan dairy products brand, Lewis Road Creamery is seeking advice in the dairy industry in the UK. Their focus is to create dairy products that do justice to New Zealand’s natural assets, the quality of its raw ingredients, the skills of farmers, and the right of New Zealanders to have the world’s best dairy products. 

Lewis Road Creamery is the innovator in the supermarket with a focus on quality over price. Lewis Road Creamery would like to understand the exporting process and exploring options for setting up milk production in the UK. Thus, they are seeking guidance networks that work in the food and beverage industry, particularly in dairy. 

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Children's health charity seeks researchers and research funders in the US

Cure Kids is looking to connect with researchers and research funders based in the United States. The organisation is the largest funder of child health research in New Zealand outside of the Government. Since the 1970s, Cure Kids has enabled medical breakthroughs that have helped save children’s lives, as well as changed the way health conditions are diagnosed and treated. 

Cure Kids Ventures (CKV) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cure Kids and invests alongside the New Zealand Government's Venture Investment Fund as an approved partner in its Seed Co-Investment Programme. The CKV investment mandate is to invest in new or early establishment phase healthcare businesses that have products or services with potential to improve child health.  

Cure Kids is seeking advice on how to raise awareness of their funded research. They are also looking to explore potential collaborative opportunities on the charity funding and ventures investment side, to continue improving child health at a global level. 

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Kombucha beverage seeking advice to scale to Australia and UK markets

Local non-alcoholic brew, Good Buzz Booch® is a non-pasteurised, certified organic, and Fair Trade probiotic soft drink commonly called Kombucha. The beverage sets itself apart as it tastes more like a refreshing cider. It's not too sweet with sugars hovering around 2%. Kombucha is enzyme rich and consists of dozens of organic acids to include acetic, lactic, glucuronic and gluconic acids. 

Good Buzz Booch® is the largest commercial Kombucha company in New Zealand at this time. They are experiencing large demand across the food industry for this product in New Zealand and thus are looking to expand into Australia and the UK. Good Buzz Booch® is seeking distribution networks that has synergy with Kiwi brands and is passionate about beverages.

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Digital mindfulness meditation business seeks business mentor in US

The 10 Minute Mind is a digital mindfulness meditation programme that encourages people to manage their mental framework to develop a positive and conscious relationship with themselves. The course is a simple, accessible programme that makes learning mindfulness meditation automatic and effortless. It was trialled extensively at University College London (UCL), one of the top universities in the world, with impressive results. UCL continue to offer it to all of their students and staff.

The 10 Minute Mind would like to connect with Kiwis who are involved in Student Health Services or Psychological Services in universities, colleges or polytechs or human resource management with a focus on health and wellbeing for business mentoring. 

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Multilingual travel website seeking connections with tourism companies expanding to Japan

The largest multilingual travel information website for foreign visitors to Japan would like to connect with tourism companies that see value in expanding their operations or knowhow to Japan. JapanTravel help travellers to plan, book and prepare for their visits to Japan by providing interesting, relevant and engaging information, as well as a range of maps, tools and booking functions. 

The company's growth is fuelled by a network of 50 regional partners and 22,000 contributors around the world, who provide our content in 13 languages. They are particularly interested in speaking to adventure travel firms, infrastructure and hospitality investment firms, equipment rentals firms,  and others with unique capabilities that could be replicated in Japan.

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Inspirational adventure magazine seeks introductions to networks in North America and UK

Say Yes to Adventure (SYTA) is a beautifully-designed quarterly print and digital magazine that explores the stories of passionate people and the motivations behind their inspirational adventures. It features a broad range of subject matter focused on exploration, creativity, adventure and discovery. SYTA aims to be a source of inspiration for those who seek an active and exciting life.

They would like to be connected with businesses that are in the adventure, travel and tourism sector with similar products. Ideally, SYTA would love to increase their presence in Canada, USA and the UK. They are looking for introductions to retail networks with the capacity to reach a global audience.

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