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Kea Connect, supported by ASB, helps Kiwi companies go global by connecting them to industry experts around the world. Here’s just a few examples of the companies that we are currently assisting. If you or someone you know can help any, either click HELP OUT or contact We will connect you with the right person.


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Personnel tracker software seeks procurement experts in the US oil and gas industries

WhosOnLocation ​is a SaaS platform ​that manage​s​ the presence-data of employees, contractors, visitors, and service providers who access ​businesses' facilities. ​The platform offers essential components of security systems, visitor management, HR compliance, and emergency preparedness to account for people remotely. WhosOnLocation enables companies to strengthen their organizational security, streamline daily operations, improve the way they account for people in an emergency, and meet complex health & safety regulations.​ ​

WhosOnLocation ​would like ​to scale the business​ by focusing on the utilities industry in Houston, US. Hence, they would like to connect with experts in the industry with an u​nderstand​ing of​ facilities management​ and health & ​s​afety requirements for people and systems​​​. ​​Most importantly, they are seeking experts in Houston to help them understand the procurement process for Saa​S​ apps in this market, and the incumbent tech is.

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The True Honey Co4. truehoneyco Instagram photos and videos

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Premium honey brand seeks advice and market validation in Europe and UK

The True Honey Co. harvests, bottles, and sells premium Manuka honey with a philosophy to look after its partnerships with landowners, beekeepers, honeybees, and consumers. The artisan brand has launched online to the UK market, and established a 3PL warehouse and supply chain to service the UK and EU.

The True Honey Co. is now seeking introductions to Kea members who are well connected to European food importation/distribution and high-end retail, for advice and market validation.

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Online accommodation service provider seeks connections to Southeast Asian industry members to scale operations

STAAH is a service that provides solutions to increase accommodation owners’ revenues. Their core products are channel management, which connects accommodation providers to online booking channels, booking engines, and review management. STAAH’s global customers include Heritage, Scenic, Swiss-Bel, Zen Rooms, Lemon Tree, and Ramada.

STAAH would like to expand the business in South East Asia and is therefore seeking to connect with hospitality industry members in Thailand, Malaysia, and Phillipines for advice on scalability. 

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CleanTech company seeks members in graphite and carbon markets for partnership

CarbonScape has developed a globally patented technology that converts saw dust, forestry waste, coconut shells and other carbonaceous biomass into high value carbon products such as high purity graphite, activated carbon, biochar and green coke for the steel industry. CarbonScape has built a pilot plant in Marlborough (with a nameplate capacity of up to 450 tonnes per annum).

The company is excited by the opportunity to create a brand new, high value export industry in New Zealand. To ​scale this​ operation​​,​ CarbonScape is seeking ​strategic partnerships with individuals and organisations with an interest in the high purity graphite and activated carbon markets.

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NZ-based chemical engineering firm seeks experienced chemical engineer to help grow the business

Avertana is an NZ based process technology business with a proprietary chemical pathway to refine steelmaking slag containing titanium, aluminium and magnesium oxides into a range of saleable raw materials for manufacturing. The company's titanium dioxide (TiO2) extraction process has been successfully piloted and demonstrated at pre-commercial scale.

Avertana is now seeking a technical expert to assist in further optimising the process for aluminium salt crystallisation from the acidic liquor that is produced, with high specificity, yield and purity. The current product target is aluminium sulphate (alum) for water treatment applications, though the company is also evaluating other, higher-value products.

Avertana would like to identify and engage a chemical engineer or industrial chemist with 10 years plus relevant commercial scale experience in hydrometallurgy and metal salt crystallisation. This individual would assist their technical team with process development, design and scale-up, most likely on a consulting basis.

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Lewis Fredericks

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Handmade horn eyewear-maker seeks distribution advice for US

Lewis Fredericks produces handmade eyewear in time-honoured silhouettes fashioned from waste horn, ​a once discarded by-product of domesticated buffalo, ox and ram.​

The brand is seeking to connect with fashion influencers in the US for advice in distribution or potential collaboration.

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Assessment data software for schools seeking potential partners in South East Asia

EdPotential is a web-based software developer that enables secondary schools to inquire into their assessment data, analyse it to identify gaps and strengths, and tailor solutions to improve student achievement.

The company is seeking both users (educators, teachers, school management) and potential partners (education software providers and distributors) in Asia to help with market insights or further connections.

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