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Kea Connect, supported by ASB, helps Kiwi companies go global by connecting them to industry experts around the world. Here’s just a few examples of the companies that we are currently assisting. If you or someone you know can help any, either click HELP OUT or contact We will connect you with the right person.

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FMCG automation systems company seeks advisor 

Software innovation company​ seeks​ an advisor to sense check business redesign and actionable business plan. The company develops automation systems for short shelf-life FMCG​ and​ is currently targeting dairy companies in Australia.

To ​build their next steps, the business is looking for an individual with knowledge of specialist manufacturing and software integration with systems. The sought after adviser would ideally have sound commercial C-level experience in medium sized business at an operational capacity.

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SaaS energy company looking to understand overseas energy markets for expansion plans

emhTrade is an independent energy services company that offers a Transactive Grid Platform with Peer to Peer electricity retail capability. They aim to help people use greener and cheaper electricity, cutting costs in the supply chain.

emhTrade are seeking to understand how their product fits in the marketplace and a better understanding of overseas markets, and would like to connect with people in the electricity utilities industry, suppliers in the areas of smart homes, electric vehicles, residential solar and home battery systems and community energy solutions and associated web services.

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Maritime SaaS company seeking further networks in the US

The SnapIT SolarVMS is built using a revolutionary combination of technology and programming to provide a low power tracking system. They are looking for partners with an initial focus on NZ, Australia and North America, who have existing phone or tablet applications or sensors being utilised by any of these sectors: fisheries, environmental monitoring, maritime, forestry, transport logistics and military applications.

With this unique technology you can track vessel activity in real time. Initially designed for fisheries, the hardware is an extremely robust, compact, 100% solar powered, 2 way satellite communications system.

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Strategic insights agency seeking to connect with market researchers within large research companies such as Nielsen, TNS, et al

The Thinking Studio is a strategic insights agency, offering a unique SaaS platform that combines access to your customers, non-customers and the tools to have a conversation with them all at the click of a button. They are seeking assistance in validating the size, key dynamics and trends happening in the market research industry, primarily for Australia and the USA. Ideally they would like to connect with market researchers with experience working in large companies (e.g. Nielsen, TNS, SSI, Qualtrics, Vision Critical), as well as Insights teams in large retailers or banks to gain a customer perspective of the market.

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Health products seeks members from grocery chains to assist with growth in US and Egypt

Healthy Selection specialises in the export of natural, healthy products, such as honey, wine, and milk powder. They are looking to grow and export the the USA and Egypt, and would like to connect with food chain supermarkets/hypermarkets in these markets. They have well-established relationships with reliable manufacturers that provide quality, authentic organic products.

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Imagery referencing software for damaged goods seeks complementary industry members to discuss partnerships

We-Integrate specialises in image/photo transfer primarily in the Rental Vehicle, Freight Logistics and Collision Repair Industries to keep a track of any damage to or the general condition of goods. Photos are taken through a smart device app, referenced and stored in our server for easy customer search and access.

We-Integrate would like to grow their business in these sectors initially on the West Coast of the USA, especially Container Logistics Operators and Rental Vehicle operators, supplying non-competing technology such as Booking or Operational type software.

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Bee products seeking assistance with market entry into Germany

Manuka Health is a natural health company that optimises bee products to produce premium Manuka honey, royal jelly, propolis, wellbeing and personal care products. The company has worked with leading scientists and are supported by global scientific partnerships to extract health benefits from bees.

Manuka Health is seeking to connect with members associated in the FMCG industry in Germany to help with market entry.

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Light machinery and tools company seeking advisors in UK

Bramley has a proud history of supplying strong robust light machinery & tools throughout NZ and Australia over the last 60 years. The company is highly recognised for both making its own branded equipment and selling branded imports. Apart from being a leader in its home markets of New Zealand and Australia, Bramley exports to the US, Canada, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

The company would like to have discussions with experienced industry members with a hi-tech, engineering perspective or seasoned innovative types with practical skills for ongoing advice.

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Ethical beauty brand seeks insights from US/UK beauty and cosmetic retailers

Indigo&Iris is a make-up brand with a purpose, using profits to support organisations working in the Pacific region. Their first product, Levitate mascara, is vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically produced. The product is made in Italy, and has sold almost 3,000 units. 50% of the profits contribute to preventing avoidable blindness in the Pacific Islands.

Indigo&Iris' founders will be on a fact-finding mission in early 2018 to investigate US and UK markets, hence they would like to meet with members from beauty and cosmetic retailers in the US and UK for helpful insights into these markets.

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Ethical homeware platform seeking designers and architects for distribution advice

Asili is a collaborative design platform that works with East African artisans and contemporary designers to create ethical homeware, using sustainable materials. By working with designers, architects and brands, Asili aims to produce quality, ethically designed pieces that will in turn, provide business and a sustainable income for our artisans and their families.

Asili would love to talk to designers and architects who are interested in using sustainable materials to manufacture bespoke product ranges. Asili is also interested in speaking to experts in homewares and goods distribution.

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Content proofing software developer seeking marketers in San Francisco

PageProof is an online software that streamlines the review and approval process for all creative material. The software reduces admin and complicated email trails, integrates with many organisational platforms, supports a range of file formats, and encrypts data automatically. 

PageProof is seeking connections in San Francisco with senior members of marketing, specifically in creative/advertising, food and beverage, tourism, and retail industries to grow and to discover the way review and approval is currently ​being implemented in the US

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Enterprise compliance SaaS company seeking environmental compliance manager

BraveGen provides cloud software that oversees environmental, health and safety, sustainability, and supply chain management services for industry leaders. BraveGen's software manages licenses, permits, and plans incident management, investigations, competence management, CSR reporting and supply chain compliance, among others. 

BraveGen would like to meet with Tesla's environmental compliance manager to discuss how they could help Tesla improve the visibility and effectiveness of their environmental compliance monitoring activities. 

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