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Food retail consultancy seeking hospitality insights in Thailand

Food Concepts provides consultancy services to the retail and property industries, with a special interest in assisting international brands with launching in New Zealand. Their services include managing the procurement, design and development of restaurant sites and fitouts, franchisee selection and operational management & advice.

Food Concepts history includes Burger King and Carl's Jr, and now they're looking to deliver a New York Deli concept to Thailand. The company would like to meet with industry members in hospitality and food services to gain local insights in Thailand. 

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Ethical beauty brand seeks insights from US/UK beauty and cosmetic retailers

Indigo&Iris is a make-up brand with a purpose, using profits to support organisations working in the Pacific region. Their first product, Levitate mascara, is vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically produced. The product is made in Italy, and has sold almost 3,000 units. 50% of the profits contribute to preventing avoidable blindness in the Pacific Islands.

Indigo&Iris' founders will be on a fact-finding mission in early 2018 to investigate US and UK markets, hence they would like to meet with members from beauty and cosmetic retailers in the US and UK for helpful insights into these markets.

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Ethical homeware platform seeking designers and architects for distribution advice

Asili is a collaborative design platform that works with East African artisans and contemporary designers to create ethical homeware, using sustainable materials. By working with designers, architects and brands, Asili aims to produce quality, ethically designed pieces that will in turn, provide business and a sustainable income for our artisans and their families.

Asili would love to talk to designers and architects who are interested in using sustainable materials to manufacture bespoke product ranges. Asili is also interested in speaking to experts in homewares and goods distribution.

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all mixes

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Luxe bakery brand seeks advice from gourmand members in US

The Caker is an Auckland based business that produces specialty made-to-order cakes, recipe books and luxury baking mixes. It has quickly become one of the most prominent cake businesses in New Zealand and an internationally recognised brand. The Caker frequently collaborates with other influential brands to create exclusive products. Their most recent collaboration was with renowned fashion designer Karen Walker, with whom they created two limited edition cookie mixes, and a pop-up cake shop in her flagship store.  

Jordan and Anouk Rondel, the sister duo who own The Caker, are now seeking advice and insights from experts in the high-end food, design, and lifestyle categories in California, to learn about expanding their operations into the US.

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Personal trainer app seeking US health and fitness industry members

PTminder is software that manages and grows day-to-day business for personal trainers. The platform offers sessions' scheduling, payment processing, client management, client assessments, reporting, and more.

PTminder is seeking partnerships and further networks in the health and fitness sector in the US.

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Civil Emergency

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Cloud-based emergency plan for SMEs seeking insights from US health and emergency services

EmePoint is an intuitive online tool designed to support the SME community in customising their organisations own emergency response and business continuity plan. The product helps businesses store important contact details, identify risks and prepare for emergencies, plan appropriate responses, and recover quickly.

EmePoint is the only fully customisable cloud based emergency planning system of its kind on the market. EmePoint is seeking market validation from health and emergency services in the US.

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Offsite work tracking app seeking insights from US healthcare industry

Bullrush is an automated GPS time & travel tracking app; designed for people and managers of teams, who charge by the hour and work from multiple locations. It records all travel time and time spent with clients, eradicating​ manual timesheets and mileage logs for tracking time and travel.

​​The makers of the app are seeking market validation in the US and would like to talk to members of the healthcare industry, specifically end-to-end patient care, and general users in sales management.

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Process Management ISO

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Process management software seeking members in operational and change management in Europe

Promapp is a cloud based process management software for creating and storing business processes online. Promapp's dynamic processes ensures organisations to react faster to changing market conditions by enabling processes to evolve on a central online repository. With Promapp, business teams can turn complex process maps, Visio charts and lengthy procedure documents into clean, simple process maps that everyone can follow.

Since Promapp's Europe office is now up and running, they are seeking members involved in operational excellence, process improvement, change management, shared services across the likes of manufacturing, government, financial services to provide advice for growth.

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Innovative construction quality assurance software seeking understanding of US construction market

Conqa is a market-leading platform that makes quality assurance simple, accountable and transparent. They are needing assistance with understanding the American Construction market & landscape.

Conqa helps forward-thinking construction companies transform QA into a genuine measure of progress, and helps to massively reduces two of the biggest problems in construction - delays and disputes. The data they capture is used to monitor progress and support payments.

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Content proofing software seeking marketers in San Francisco

PageProof is an online software that streamlines the review and approval process for all creative material. The software reduces admin and complicated email trails, integrates with many organisational platforms, supports a range of file formats, and encrypts data automatically, thus files are secure.

PageProof is seeking connections in San Francisco with senior members of marketing, specifically in creative/advertising, food and beverage, tourism, and retail industries to grow and to discover the way review and approval is currently ​being implemented in the US.

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Enterprise compliance SaaS company seeking environmental compliance manager

Cloud and software brand, BraveGen provides software that oversees environmental, health and safety, sustainability, and supply chain management services for industry leaders. BraveGen's software manages licenses, permits, and plans incident management, investigations, competence management, CSR reporting, supply chain compliance, to name a few.  

BraveGen would like to meet with Tesla's environmental compliance manager to discuss how they could help Tesla improve the visibility of and effectiveness of their environmental compliance monitoring activities. 

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