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Software for preschool communities seeking leadership expertise in North America

Early childhood SaaS company would like to meet with leaders in high performing software teams that have experience in scaling design and development teams. Purpose-led software company, Storypark enables communities to engage in children's development.

The service provides accessible ePortfolio records that travel with children from birth to school to support a continuous and cohesive learning journey. Storypark is focused on outcomes for children, and is an equally powerful professional development tool that enhances quality practice and reflective intentional teaching. So far there are 250,000 educators and families all over the world that use the software, making them a market leader in Australasia.

Storypark is currently looking to build momentum in Canada and New York. They would like to meet with an expert in leadership specific to growth in the software sector. 

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Boutique agency seeking expertise in digital marketing and communications in Germany

Boutique travel agency, Koru Pacific Travel is based in Europe and specialises in mid to upmarket travel to New Zealand. Their market is primarily German clients who are looking for customised itineraries supported by localised knowledge of destinations and activities. Koru Pacific Travel is seeking digital marketing and communications advice to grow their online presence. 

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Construction recruitment agency seeking industry members to help with growth in the UK and Ireland

RobLawMax is a leading construction and engineering recruiter, with offices in New Zealand and Australia. They are currently looking to expand further into Ireland and the UK. 

RobLawMax would like to connect with building industry organisations in the UK and Ireland, in order to provide career advice to their members through presentations at events.

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Digital marketing company for recruitment agencies seeking set up advice in Australia

Prominence is a Digital Marketing Agency in the Asia Pacific region specialising in the recruitment sector. Their marketing strategy and outsourced marketing services are designed to improve the productivity and profitability of recruitment agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

Prominence is seeking advice about the ins and outs of setting up business in Australia to scale their business apps.

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Assessment data software for schools seeking potential partners in South East Asia

EdPotential is a web-based software developer that enables secondary schools to inquire into their assessment data, analyse it to identify gaps and strengths, and tailor solutions to improve student achievement.

The company is seeking both users (educators, teachers, school management) and potential partners (education software providers and distributors) in Asia to help with market insights or further connections.

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Digital product agency seeks insights and feedback in the US

Roam is a digital product agency that designs and develops mobile and web apps, with a focus on high value user experience and creativity. 

As they expand into the US, they're looking to connect with innovators or digital decision makers to help them with market validation and positioning in the US.

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Seismically secure partition product seeks support for US market entry

Tracklok develops partitions and wall braces designed to improve building resilience during earthquakes and other seismic activity. Tracklok's product is US patented and is in the process of acquiring its US engineering certification.

Tracklok is seeking connections with experts in the US to help bring their product to market. 

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Women's fishing show seeking market validation in Australia

North Reef is a television production company that showcases New Zealand. Their main product is the 'Ados Addicted to Fishing' TV Show, which is the first womens' fishing show in Australasia and is now being viewed in 14 countries. North Reef produces 13 unique fishing shows per annum, led by a fisher woman featuring guests ranging from novice fisher people, to children who are passionate about fishing to national fishing legends. Ados Addicted to Fishing currently airs in New Zealand on Prime TV Channel (Sky Television free-to-air nationwide channel). North Reef is seeking advice and insights for the Australian market to develop their approach to air in Australia. 

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Innovation company seeks market validation from business leaders focused on corporate social responsibility

FriendlyFires coordinate collaboration between business leaders and social entrepreneurs to encourage social responsibility and change.
They are looking to connect with leaders in any specific corporate responsibility challenge areas (including but not limited to Diversity & Inclusion, Financial Inclusion and Better Media) to discuss how best to engage potential partners in NZ, the UK and US. 

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Metal fabrication equipment supplier seeking industry members in the UK

Bramley has a proud history of supplying strong robust light machinery & tools throughout NZ and Australia over the last 60 years. The company is highly recognised for both making its own branded equipment and selling branded imports. Apart from being a leader in its home markets of New Zealand and Australia, Bramley exports to the US, Canada, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

Bramley would like to have discussions with UK members who have industry streetwise experience along with solid financial & ethical standards.

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