YõULíNG Global Services Limited

YõULíNG Global Services Limited
YõULíNG is the prime strategic partner for a large UK based Group of Companies. We are their sales agent over a substantial part of the globe, we also act as the Broker of Record in many of their deals and contracts. Our UK partner operates at senior Government levels across the former Soviet Union/Blok region, Greator Asia (including the 'Stans'), Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. YõULíNG is authorised to negotiate on behalf of the Group for key opportunities and we represent them as Directors on the operating Boards of subsidiaries we are involved with. When we manage a new investment for the Group we typically we participate in the equity of the operation. YõULíNG is currently active in: 1. Export of NZ agriculture into former Soviet Union countries, Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa 2. Exploration services for Oil & Gas, minerals, metals and water aquifer using very advanced analysis of remote sensing data by satellite. 3. Geothermal power generation using a closed loop hot dry rock process. 4. Waste to Energy processing using pyrolysis and a patented nanotechnology that breaks down ALL carbon at the molecular level and rebuilds new molecular chains to create new and useful outputs. 5. Commodity trading. 6. Mergers & Aquisitions with companies having a strategic fit with the many ongoing projects. YõULíNG is currently seeking partners in other countries with whom to establish joint ventures, and deliver turnkey contracted managed services. Please contact us for further information.


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