YOOP Architects

YOOP Architects

Residential experts - extending, converting and new.

We provide a great planning and delivery service that creates value and works for the client and works for the design team.

We leverage our BIM and our contemporary approach to produce great information. Great information leads to great decisions on values, costs and timelines.

We work best with Quantity Surveyor/ Project Managers as part of a team to convert a building to residential. Create apartments to achieve planning approval and value.

Super great at complex basements, planning and making sure you get good warranties and keep the water out, always.

Experienced in many constructions and we work also in Canada, Spain and have a villa on site in Bahamas.

We can also do the smaller projects for nice people. Because we really focus o nice people.



Office 128, 28A Church Road, Stanmore HA74AW

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