Vibe Teacher Recruitment

Vibe Teacher Recruitment
We are a team of teachers committed to inspiring better education. We have been growing by referral since 2001. Our reputation matters! 'Vibers' live by positivity. We care about family, health and happiness. We are passionate about education, community and service. We have a can do attitude and we strive to make others happy because that's what makes us happy. Travelling to London is an exciting and testing experience and we relish the opportunity to ensure all Vibers make a settled transition to teaching in the UK. We strive to provide a 'small agency' feel with 'big agency' options. That's why we work in teams, each looking after a small group of schools so that it stays personal (speak to who you want, when you want!), but all sharing a large pool of candidates so that it's always quality (excellence with touches of exceptional).


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United Kingdom

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