We, TravelEssence, are a New Zealand travel specialist with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Wellington and Sydney. We make journeys through New Zealand, enjoying various places along the way. Like a nice road trip. A week or more. I am a kiwi with 23 years experience with travel to and through New Zealand. I founded TravelEssence in 2006 to show our clients the New Zealand that we kiwis love, and to stay as guests of local people. This is not what most travel companies offer. Whilst we offer hotels in the main cities, our speciality is small scale experiences in the furtherest corners of New Zealand including unique accommodation (3-6 stars and often truly quirky), as well as nature, thrilling and eco activities. Fiords, mountains, rainforest, volcanoes, and beaches all around New Zealand. What we do best is turn it all into a fantastic self drive holiday, that is properly organised and built around each clients individual wishes. People enjoy accommodation with a twist and usually a big dose of Kiwi. Wild landscapes, nice food, fun things to do, a good bed. But best of all- good local kiwis who love where they are and showing it to their guests. If you have friends, or relations, or wedding guests, who want to discover the known but especially the unknown New Zealand, then please contact us. We speak English (New Zealand), Dutch and German. For people departing from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, we also offer very competitive airfares in all classes. Please note we do not sell tickets only. Nor do we book smelly, slow, polluting, traffic jam causing, campervans (a.k.a. land maggots). For anyone contemplating a camper, we can show you a more interesting alternative. And its great for the New Zealand rural economy. Fun for one and all. TravelEssence Andrew Morten


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