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Kia ora, Haiere Mai - Welcome The Maori people of New Zealand have a saying - Toitu he kainga, whatu nga-rongaro he tangata. It means that the land still remains when people have disappeared. This understanding of the world, the universe, forms the very foundation of the entire Maori culture and identity. As a race of people, we Maori are linked to the land through our legends, our heros, our ancestors and all the creatures that share the earth, and the space between earth and heaven, with us. We, therefore, are custodians of the land. We must look after it to honour our fathers and mothers before us, and to ensure a future for our tamariki - our children. Tiki Kiwi Designs only uses recycled, upcycled or repurposed materials where-ever possible. From 100% recycled sterling silver wire, to copper stripped from demolished houses - old leather belts to native New Zealand timber recovered from earthquake damaged homes in Christchurch, Tiki Kiwi finds and uses materials that other people discard. This is my pledge to the land of my ancestors and my children - that nothing goes to waste! I grew up on a farm in the middle of the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. When I was six years old I told my Dad that I wanted to be an artist and live on the farm forever. Sadly that childhood dream didn't come true - well, not all of it anyway. The farm has now changed hands, but I am living my dream of being an artist all the same! My Dad died some 15 years ago, and every day I find myself thinking about him as I make orders, design new products, simply use my hands to create a living for my family - Hei kai kei aku ringa (there is food at the end of my hands). My art is built on the wisdom and creativity of my ancestors, stretching far back in time from my own father. This is what the Maori believe; that we have access to a collective wisdom, a pool of resources that is filled from the knowledge, hard work and sacrifice of our ancestors. And, like each of us, all of my work is unique, hand-made and full of Aroha - Love! Each and every design tells it's own story, sings it's own song, has it's own personality. No two pieces can ever be exactly the same. When you buy something from Tiki Kiwi, you are buying a connection to your ancestors and the wisdom that they want you to have. You know that each piece treads lightly on our precious whenua or land - making sure it is healthy and supportive for future generations. You are also purchasing a completely unique item. Just like you, your loved ones and your ancestors, each piece has it's own story to tell, and it's own unique place in this world. Please join me as we hear these stories on a journey of cultural discovery with my people, Ngai Tahu Maori. Nga Mihi, Sonia


22A Medina Crescent
Christchurch 8083
New Zealand

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