The YOU Project

I really love the kiwi spirit of ingenuity however culturally we have also had a history of when we're feeling stuck that we should just battle on alone without asking for help. If you're at a point where you are feeling frustrated or confused with a certain area of your life - you know you are capable of more but life keeps 'getting in the way' - working with a life coach/ personal development expert to accelerate positive change into your life is a great way to get you out of a rut. My approach to coaching is to keep it simple, honest and real. It’s an insightful conversation where we uncover where a client is at, where they'd like to be, understand the obstacles and formulate a motivating plan to move them forward. It gives an objective voice outside of a client’s inner circle, develops self-awareness and as we meet regularly their progress is accelerated. The You Project has been designed to be tailored to each client individually recognising that everyone has their own unique goals and challenges.


NSW 2024

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