The Research Broker

The Research Broker
The Research Broker is the first and biggest company in the world to offer businesses, central and local government bodies, and not-for profit organisations a market research brokering service. We have the most comprehensive database of market research companies by country, by region, and worldwide. We are a New Zealand company, taking on the world. We make accessing market research as easy for you as having a conversation. We can facilitate the 'best fit'​ between your specific market research project and a market research company that is right for your project. We are able to service our clients wherever they live in the world, and we are also able to source the best market research company to undertake projects wherever those projects are in the world. We are market research brokers, we don’t do market research ourselves; but we understand both client and research company needs. . . The 'best fit'​ may mean you need the research project done on a tight budget. It many mean you need a researcher who has very specific expertise. It could also mean you need a research company that offers innovative or a very specialised methodology. Whatever your specific needs, we will match your market research project to the 'best fit' market research company. In our 15 years of experience we have consistently helped our clients save time, save money, and improve the quality of the research they commission.


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