The New Zealand Honey Shop

The New Zealand Honey Shop
Big enough to deliver; small enough to care. The New Zealand Honey Shop is your independent expert source to discover and experience the unique healing properties of UMF® Manuka Honey . Providing you with a range of products, plus information , articles, and links to some of the University research. Genuine UMF manuka honey, by Comvita and Natural Solutions. For taking internally, or special sterilised options targeted for external use, including ready made manuka honey dressings . Learn how it could help you. Love natural skin care? Then love unique anti-aging manuka honey skincare, an all natural range crafted from the native healing plants of New Zealand offers you a soothing way to nourish and nurture your skin, and reduce the signs of aging. No parabens here. You also get other bee based products to aid your health naturally, propolis, and beeswax based massage wax and balmes by Songbird (Tui). With your home also playing an important role in your health, we are please to be the first to provide the non-toxic and chemical free Beeplenish range - beeswax based waxes and polishes for your furniture and other wood and leather items. Natural goodness for you. Products of New Zealand, with fragrances of her wild native plants. The next best thing to going there yourself. Explore. Enjoy.


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0207 7815810 - 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.