Spatial.IQ Ltd

Spatial.IQ Ltd
Spatial.IQ are experts in helping you to increase the value of your data through the power of location. We like to call this making your business intelligence "Where Aware". Our independent approach delivers advice that is targeted to ensuring you meet your business outcomes. We enable organisations to unlock the latent value of spatial information through our methodology, Spatial.LINQ™ Spatial.LINQ traces information supply chains into and through your organisation. It provides a visualisation of the value of this information in support of your business operations, increasing confidence, enabling improvement and mitigating risk. By measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of these supply chains, Spatial.LINQ enables organisations to see the opportunity to implement evidence based change decisions which enable improvement and increase the value of this essential corporate asset. The result of applying Spatial.LINQ to your organisation can be 20% savings through more efficient use of spatial information, 20% increase in the value of that information and a 50% decrease in the risk of new process or system implementation through a greater understanding of the role spatial plays. More importantly, Spatial.LINQ enables everyone to communicate the strategic value of your spatial information to your business leaders.


The Dominion Observatory 34 Salamanca Road
Wellington 6012
New Zealand

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