Snugbags - Merino for Kids

Snugbags - Merino for Kids
Lovingly made in NZ, Snugbags sleep solutions are designed with the Eco Concious parent in mind. Our range of Organic Cotton and Merino sleeping bags, blankets and wraps is guaranteed to keep your baby warm, comfortable and safe all night long, whilst being gentle on the environment and your little one. All our products are lovingly made in New Zealand. We are very passionate about the use of New Zealand Merino as is one of the safest fibres to dress your baby in. Merino has the unique ability to maintain the ideal temperature between body and bedding. It breathes and controls moisture which means it helps keep little ones cool when it is hot and warm when it is cold. It is also silky soft and therefore the perfect choice for babies delicate skin. NZ Merino is a sustainable and environmentally conscious product and studies have found that baby sleeping in Merino lowers their rate of activity and provides a deeper, more restful sleep. This also results in faster rates of growth. Snugbags cotton and merino dyes are Eco Friendly and meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and are formaldehyde and solvent free, proving a safe and nontoxic sleep environment for your precious little one. Our new range of ORGANIC Cotton and Merino sleeping bags is entirely made of untreated fabrics to provide a pure and chemical free sleep environment for your child. Our 100% Organic Cotton is certified by GOTS and is unbleached and undyed. Our NZ Merino is of premium quality and is also completely untreated to maintain it's pristine natural state.


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