Schtung Media - eLearning Audio Production

Schtung Media - eLearning Audio Production
Schtung Media exists to provide audio to any eLearning experience. You supply us the script, choose a voice that you like from our talent pool, tell us your audience and deadline and we will send you back a finished, high quality audio track ready to publish with your next project, simple as that. Whether your project is video based, a power point presentation or simply audio only, our goal is to add a high value to your product while making your life easier. While our clients are situated all over the globe, Schtung Media is based in Los Angeles, with sister studios in Hong Kong and Wellington, New Zealand. We are a full service audio post production house, offering recording, editing, restoration, mixing and mastering. Our main focus is audio for eLearning.


75F Houghton Bay Road
Houghton Bay
Wellington 6023
New Zealand

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021 028 50 727