Saved and Safe Ltd

Saved and Safe Ltd
Saved & Safe is a team of internationally recognised experts using their proprietary intellectual property and systems to assist client organisations to solve major-scale animal health problems. Our capability has enabled our team to deliver successful projects in: national scale bovine TB eradication - in New Zealand and Australia animal management – variable scale, flexible, mobile, fast response adverse event management – research, funding, community engagement Our solution can be utilised in most locations, to address multiple issues. It is focused on three interconnected critical success factors: - reducing the infection incidence in existing risk areas - changing existing risk areas to clear areas - keeping clear areas clear. The strategy Saved and Safe utilises was a foundation of the successful New Zealand strategy which, in 10 years, achieved a 96% reduction in the incidence of bovine TB.


23 Brightwater Crescent
Totara Park
Upper Hutt 5018
New Zealand

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