RedShield Security LTd

RedShield Security LTd

RedShield is one of the most effective web-application defence systems you can buy. Put simply, we are experts in web-application vulnerability remediation as a service.

WEB-DEFENCE: RedShield redefines what a web-app protection service should do. We are the world’s first web-application defence system to be targeting 100% vulnerability mitigation. This impressive goal can only be achieved using our advanced shielding technology, allowing us to create designer shields for every application vulnerability found. As more and more attacks are being launched every day, it is virtually impossible to be able to ‘100% protect you.'​ What we do instead is attempt to shield and deflect every attack against every vulnerability found in your systems.

ZERO TOUCH: All of this is achieved without a single update to your back-end code. Simply pass your web-traffic through RedShield, and our team of global security experts will break down and analyse every vulnerability scan and pen-test result found. Our systems will then provide and deploy the necessary shields. If your issue is truly unique then our 24x7x365 expert defence teams will tailor the shield(s) your applications needs, and not only the technical flaws, but we can also shield logic flaws too.

INSIDE AND OUT: We can also shield web-apps via our global RedShield Cloud or even your internal apps with our RedShield Private Nodes. In short, we provide all the systems and expertise to make it work. If you're web-apps are vulnerable and hard and slow to fix, then you need to see if shielding is an option for you now.


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