Quinovic Viaduct

Quinovic Viaduct
Quinovic Property Management – Viaduct *** 8 REASONS WHY MORE PROPERTY OWNERS CHOOSE QUINOVIC *** 1. Size Counts: Because of our reputation we have become the largest Independent property management group in New Zealand. This means we have more accurate rental appraisal values, we are dealing with more tenants daily and we are able to invest in superior systems to make your investment profitable, easy and safe. 2. Management Specialists: Our business is purely & solely property management. We do not sell Properties we strive to make properties lucrative for their owners. 3. Stability: Because we have been in business for 25 years serving the community we have become NZs most trusted property management specialists, who get the job done. 4. REAL Property Inspections (not a drive-by): We undertake thorough inspections and reporting, keeping you informed and in control. 5. Reputation: Over 75% of our business comes from word of mouth, from satisfied clients who find investing in property successful, and tell others. 6. Full Transparency 24/7 Via World class Internet-based Reporting Systems: Easy & instant online logon access with real time updates. Check the status of your property’s records, financial statements, inspection results, photos and more, 24/7, no matter where you live. Accurate income and expenditure statements providing clear and concise financial details, enabling ease of accounting and taxation returns for owners. 7. Deal Direct with the Business Owner: While we all share world-class systems and marketing each branch is owned and operated by a professional and friendly business owner. 8. Our GUARANTEE comes directly from our Clients, and this is what they say: *Congratulations, Quinovic. At last a property manager with a great system. I can and do recommend your company to any landlord for a stress-free investment*. (B le Grove, Property Investo


MasterCard House
136 Customs Street West
Viaduct Harbour
New Zealand

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