Pat Rae Personal Training

Pat Rae Personal Training
Pat Rae Personal Training is a boutique personal training studio situated at my home address in Springwood Brisbane QLD Australia. I specialise in assisting men (1:1 or 4:1 group setting) in the 35-50 age group who either live or work within an 8 kilometre radius of my studio to achieve a level of health and fitness they’ve not experienced since their teenage and early twenties. As a result of concentrating their efforts on career and family life, they’ve ignored their health and fitness. As a result, they’re now suffering from a distinct lack of energy and make poor diet choices. They rarely exercise and now find themselves with a few extra kilos hanging over their belt line. On top of this they probably have back pain, crook knees, high blood pressure, high stress levels, type II diabetes or all of the above. By focusing on repairing any faulty movement pattern that has developed over years of neglect, (sitting all day for the past 20 years) I get them moving again in a safe and comfortable manner. I prioritorise other aspects of their life (sleep patterns, stress levels, eating habits) and then provide assistance and guidance to make the necessary changes in order of importance to maximise the chances of achieving permanent lifestyle habits. Due to my client’s time poor lifestyle, most work with me for between 1-2 60 min sessions per week for a minimum period of 12 weeks. During this period, they typically experience a dramatic improvement in energy levels, lose at least 5 kgs, increase their flexibility, reduce their stress levels and have a better night’s sleep. Oh and many get stronger, gain muscle definition and experience a dramatic improvement in their sex life. The best way for you to try me out is to purchase one of my kick start packs (3 x 60 min 1:1 PT sessions) for $147.00. This can be done by simply going to or calling me on 0414-654-372 to book their first session.


7 Jilbard Drive
Springwood QLD 4127

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