Page One First would like to introduce you to your future.  We are Video and Website SEO Experts, servicing businesses across the globe.  You have the vision for your business and we have the ability to help you get there.

WHAT WE DO ► We take your video commercials and place them all over Page One of Google and YouTube for search terms relevant to your niche in specific locations and countries.  If you’re a local business looking for a competitive advantage, then our video search engine optimization methodology is what you’re after.  Or you could be a mid-size company looking to expand into another city, county, state or even country!  We can position your video commercials anywhere. We can help you do that.  You might be a videographer or video production company who has produced excellent video content for your clients and they want to be seen more on Google and YouTube.  We can work with you to help make this happen.  Adding value to your relationship with your customers.  The options are infinite.

WHY IT MATTERS ► As a business owner there is no point in having a website if no one can find it!  94% of people search on the internet before buying a new product/service and 71% only view page one. If potential customers can’t find you, their inquiry & business will go to your competitors who stand out on the internet!

HOW IT WORKS ► We look at Video SEO like commercial real estate. Imagine you have a business in an area of your city that no one visits.  We come along, transport your business to the busiest street where paying customers are 24/7, searching for your exact product/service that you offer.  By increasing your internet presence using video commercials, we improve both your brand & your business opportunities.  Now you’re thriving! Email me today!


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