P+J's Workshop

P+J's Workshop
PJs Workshop is a makers studio based in Shanghai to teach 3 to 6 year olds foundation skills for curiosity and innovation. P+Js Workshop P+J’s Workshop is a makers studio for children to develop cornerstone innovation skills through age appropriate learning in science, technology, and design. We offer educational programmes, educational products, and parent coaching. Our courses also develop inquiry skills to help children think about problems and opportunities and then consider how science, applied science, or design could be used to solve it. P+Js Workshop Parent Coaching Our parent coaching programme teaches parents contemporary techniques for parenting in modern China. With the right parenting techniques and home environment, your child's success in education can be significantly improved. Greater education success leads to greater career and life success. P+Js Toolbox P.J.s Toolbox provides products to develop practical creativity and innovation skills in children.


10F 1218 Middle of Fuxing Rd, Xujiahui District, Shanghai City, China
中国,上海市,徐家汇区, 复兴中路1218号,10F

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