Nightwater Funerals Pty Ltd

Nightwater Funerals Pty Ltd
We are a family owned and operated Funeral Service based in Waterford West, Brisbane. We are fully qualified NZ Funeral Directors and Embalmers who cover the whole of South East Queensland. Our role is to help families say goodbye to their loved ones by calming the troubled waters that often surround them at a time of loss. We come with over thirty years combined experience of helping people in the community. In NZ we worked amoungst European, Maori, Pacific Islander, Asian and Indian communities. We believe that professionalism with genuine love of people is what sets us apart. We will never rush you and we will always explain what needs to happen in a way that makes sense. Call us any time on 0411631311.


10 Katrina Crescent, Waterford West, Brisbane, Australia

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